Sunday, November 30, 2008

Catching Up

Did you take advantage of "Black Friday" deals? I am definitely not a black Friday shopper and decided to go to work instead. I couldn't believe the numbers of people out that day and all parking spots appeared to be filled in the shopping centers I passed coming home from work. I did take advantage of one sale though and purchased (for myself) the 8-GB iPod Nano (boring black) in an e-mail offer on Friday morning and was such a good price I couldn't pass it up (free shipping too!) Now I just have to get my birdJam software and I'll be all set for birdJamming!

Since I have no other exciting things going on right now, I'll show you a few pictures that have been on my Compact Flash card for the last couple weeks.

We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. There was about an inch of snow on the ground and it's still flurrying. I'm sure glad I went out yesterday afternoon and raked up a bunch of leaves that were still on the ground in the front yard.

This Common Grackle was hanging around my feeders last weekend--apparently he missed the memo that listed the final departure times for fall migration (and he doesn't look very happy about having to hang out with all the sparrows either!)

I have "double decker" possums in my yard this year! Whatever the deer don't eat from the ground feeders overnight, the possums usually clean up from the trays and under the other feeders. (Sorry this picture isn't very good--I was trying to hold the spotlight between my kness and snap the photo without shaking too much.)

There are lots of bluejays in my yard again now that winter is getting close. It's fun to watch them come to my stump feeder to collect the shelled peanuts in the seed blend I put out here. It's impossible for me to tell any of them apart, but apparently they know who belongs to which family and therefore, who will be allowed to dine together.

But woe to the bluejay who tries to get some seed when he's not allowed! I caught this one in mid-flight and look at the poor guy at the bottom of the picture.....patiently waiting to see when he will get his chance to eat!

I put a few nuts out for the squirrel again. Here's a fat little bushytail making off with a filbert.

And they still visit the grounding feeding tray for corn and sunflowers too. This squirrel looks like it's got a pretty luxurious fur coat to get through the winter.

Have a good week everyone!


Mama Pea said...

I read your blurb on the Common Grackle before scrolling down to the picture . . . and burst out laughing when I saw his expression. I think you now qualify as a bird mind reader!

Your postings urged me on to purchase some unsalted peanuts in the shell to see if I could attract some Blue Jays. Omigosh, how do they KNOW? We've been descended upon. My husband swears he saw one jay trying to get a THIRD peanut in his bill (that's besides the first and second one!) the other day before flying away. What fun!

Kallen305 said...

LOL on the grackle's face. He looks totally irritated!

I feed the blue jays as well and use a similar tree stump. The Jays are so smart that they put one in their beak, shake it and then put it down if it's not heavy enough. They LOVE the special ones that have three peanuts in a shell and search for them eagerly.

Congrats on your fabulous bargain. There is nothing better that getting something dirt cheap.

troutbirder said...

I think your post and looking out the window has inspired me to get out from under my heated blanket, get up from my comfy reading chair, forget the touch of the flu, grab my camera and see what Minnesota is famous for...
Thanks for reminding me.

Mary said...

More snow? Lucky you. It's just so darned pretty.

Keep posting those Blue Jay shots, Ruthie. I never tire of seeing them as they remind me of my childhood - yes, Blue Jays on the city streets!

Gina and I went to Super Target and bought some Christmas decorations for her house but that's all we did. I hate the malls on Black Friday.

Looks like your feeding spots are busy. That Grackle's face made me laugh.

It's been a nice, resting, 4 days off. Back to the grind tomorrow :o)

Have a good evening.


Deb said...

That double possum photo is precious!

Great bluejay pics too.

Jennifer said...

Ha! I always work on Black Friday:

Shellmo said...

You have so many great things going on in your yard! Laughed at the Grackle's expression on his face!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I loved seeing your pictures Ruthie. I can't believe there were two possums at your feeder. The snow looks lovely. They keep saying we might get some but it hasn't happened yet.

Dana and Daisy said...

those blue jays are pretty pesky birds! Pretty to look at though.

I wonder just how good a deal you got on that ipod, since I've been wanting one myself.

KGMom said...

Wow-you have all the critters round your place.
I see you have lots of squirrels also.
Is that one photo of your dog pointing at a bird?

Anonymous said...

We got more snow then you did, some where between 4 and 5 ins. Got the snowblower going for the first time this season, it sure beats shoveling. I don't think I could handle shoveling the whole driveway any more. Enjoyed your possums we haven't seen any yet. Liked the trip around your yard to see the critters. I'm still chuckling over that grackle and the expression on the face.

Maud said...

Beautiful pictures! OUr snow came and went, it's raining now and every bird is hiding somewhere. Not even the dog wants to go out.

Meggie said...

Great critter shots, Ruth! Yes, we in the USA have tons to be grateful for.

Jayne said...

We have the "threat of flurries" today.... lol. That's all it takes in Georgia, a threat, and people are buzzing. :c) Love the blue jay jockeying!

Ruth said...

That is one mean looking grackle, lol! I heard a blue jay yesterday and have peanuts out, but it is very seldom that I see one.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mama Pea,
We love watching the bluejays perch in the tree outside the dining room window and wait their turn to get a peanut from the window tray. I think at one time yesterday there were at least 8 out there and I refilled the tray 3 times just to keep watching them. I've seen some of them try and get 2 peanuts in their beak, but never been successful.

Hi Kallen305,
I've seen some of the bluejays test the weight of the peanuts also. Have you seen them bury the peanut in the grass and cover it with a leaf too? When I was raking leaves on Saturday, I found several unopened peanuts in the leaves.

Hi Troutbirder,
I hope you're feeling better. Sunday wasn't too bad of a day outside if you could stay out of the wind, but it was a lot nicer in the house in front of the fireplace!

Hi Mary,
I'm glad you had a good weekend and are feeling better. Just keep looking forward to that Christmas break you've got coming up!

Thanks Deb. I love how the possums have such pink feet and noses (probably because they're cold.....)

Hi Jennifer,
Black Friday is a good day to work (as long as you don't work in retail, I guess!)

Thanks Shelley, most of the time watching out my windows is way better than anything on TV!

Hi Lisa,
Last year I had 1 possum and this year I was surprised to see 2 hanging around and 1 is quite a bit larger than the other. I always have to check and make sure they aren't by the back door when I let the dog out at night.

Hi Dana,
The e-mail offer came directly from the Apple Store. I signed up for iTunes when I got my little iPod shuffle for my birthday and that must be how they got my e-mail address. I was all set to go to Target and pick up the Nano for $145 but the Apple store was selling it for $138 (and free shipping).

Hi Donna,
I have only that one gray squirrel and 1 little red squirrel, so they are not a problem at all.
The pointing dog and pheasant are metal cutouts and the pheasant is our snow depth indicator.

Hi Mom, you did get quite a bit more snow than we did.
I've been putting some dog food out for the possums too--they have to share it with the crows and bluejays who also like dog food.

Hi Maud,
My dog doesn't like going out in the rain either (or getting her paws wiped off when she comes back in). I hope you get some snow soon.

Hi Meggie,
I sure enjoy watching all the critters and birds in the backyard and am happy to share them with all of you too.

Hi Jayne,
Well, I hope your threat of flurries doesn't materialize. On the news last night, it looked like the entire eastern U.S. was having some pretty rotten weather.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Ruth,
I hope the bluejay finds your peanut offering, then it won't be long until he gets the word out and you have more visiting your backyard. For many years I only had a couple, but now I sometimes count at least 11 hanging out in the backyard. Their flashy blue color is really nice to see in the drab winter landscape.

Richard said...

I had trouble getting past the first picture with the dog on point. Figure it is a cutout but really liked it. got the snow but I didn't...:-)

Kallen305 said...

Ruthie, the blue jays do cover the peanuts here too. Between them and the squirrels I probably have about 5 lbs of peanuts burried in my back yard!!

I am still laughing at the grackle picture. It has to be one of the funniest bird pictures I have ever seen.

Larry said...

That's one mean looking Grackle! Looks like he just got back from some Black Friday shopping himself!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Richard,
We really like the dog and pheasant sculptures too. The dog was originally supposed to be a lab, but when we bought it we asked the guy if he could cut off part of the tail to make it look more like a German Shorthair and he was happy to do that for us.

Hi Kallen,
When I cleaned out the gardens this fall, I also found a bunch of peanuts buried in the soil and had to laugh at that too!

Hi Larry,
That grackle has the same expression I would have had if I had gone shopping on Black Friday!

Mary C said...

I tried leaving a comment last night, but apparently it got lost in cyberspace. Anyway, I wanted to tell you I was happy to hear you bought an Ipod Nano. I have one, too. I haven't yet bought the BirdJam software. But I just wanted to let you know that if you want to attract the birds with the BirdJam you will need an "external" speaker attached to the Ipod. That's another item I don't have. I only have the ear buds that came with it. I also wanted to let you know I thought the possums were cute. Great photos, Ruthie.