Sunday, November 9, 2008

Goldfinch Sunday

Today was gray and cold again with light snow flurries for most of the morning. Since I got so many chores done yesterday, I got to spend a little more time knitting and birdwatching. I was amazed at all the little goldfinches spending time at my feeders. I think there are almost as many goldfinches in the backyard as there are juncos! They are such a cute little bird, don't you think?

They love the thistle seed in my tube feeders. I found this big branch broken off one of my trees a few weeks ago and replaced the smaller branch I used to have by these feeders. Now there's more space for goldfinches awaiting a turn at the feeders. Look at all those finches! And these are only two of the feeders.......the activity at all the feeders was continuous for the entire day.

The birdbath was a popular spot this morning too. I added some hot water to this frozen birdbath and for about a half hour the birds were able to get a few sips of fresh water. I have a heated birdbath on the deck too, but for some reason the birds seem to prefer this basin attached to the deck railing.

Here's a seed feeder out in the front yard. The goldfinches spend a lot of time here too--it's a sunflower seed blend, but they love it just as much (the house finches do too!)

Did you know goldfinches like shelled peanuts? I'm not sure if this goldfinch landed here by mistake, but it appeared to be trying to peck a peanut from this feeder.

Remember my Noro yarn from Friday's post? Well here's how it's turning out in the shawl pattern I chose. Isn't that neat? The color bands will get thinner as the shawl gets larger, but I really like these colors. The main pattern design is a 16-row repeat and the chart is very easy to follow. Oh yeah, I finished the baby afghan this morning too!

Hope you all have a good week!


Mama Pea said...

Oooh, luscious colors! Who knew by the looks of the wound skein that the blue and gray would show up so much. The colors make me think of sherbet ice cream. When I was little and we went for ice cream cones, I often chose a double dip of grape and raspberry sherbet. The shawl colors make me remember those cones!

You say it's an easy pattern, huh? Okay, supreme-knitter-lady. You go, girl!

Mary said...


I so admire your knitting. The colors in that yarn are so pretty!

And, dear Ruthie, you have convinced me to at least hang a gold finch tube feeder and see what happens. I haven't seen a goldy in a month... I am sad without the birds.

Sounds like you have a marvelous weekend. House clean, knitting done, birds fed. It's a good life.


nina said...

We've had a blast of cold, too!
And I agree with Mary--you tun out such nice knit projects!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that shawl is gorgeous! Too bad I don't knit...
I put up my peanut wreath today after having it put away for several months. It took the bluejays less than 60 seconds to find it! I wasn't even back in the garage before they started calling. How do you suppose they knew I put it out? I wasn't even aware that there was a jay in the area and there they were. They sure are smart! There was lots of bluejay talk at WBU yesterday when I worked. Most of the comments were positive for a change :) I still won't forget watching that bluejay peck the sparrow to death in my back yard. That might have something to do with why people don't like them!!!

Your sissy

Trixie said...

Ruthie, you are one talented and prolific knitter. I am always impressed. Vivi and marveled at all your finches.

Trixie said...

Oh and which Noro is that? The one with the silk and wool?

LauraHinNJ said...

What a treat to have so many goldinches!

Jayne said...

My goldfinch are starting to come back in numbers too. :c) Beautiful scarf Ruthie.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beautiful birds and shawl Ruthie.

Shellmo said...

I so enjoyed your finches - they have such happy sweet faces! And I like the colors you chose for you afghan!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mama Pea,
I love this yarn because it's single ply too (so no splitting). I was surprised to see the brown color that came out from the center of the ball.

You know lace knitting is just a series of YOs and K2togs (or SSK). The really nice thing about this pattern is the row number coincides with the number of plain knit stitches between each YO section (and the backside is all purl, so you don't even have to count on every other row). I could send you a couple of easy dishcloth patterns that are charted in the same way--it's a good way to learn reading a lace knitting chart and have something useful when you're done. If you can do 2-colored knitting, charted lace shouldn't be any problem..... really!!

Hi Mary,
If you can put out a finch feeder without a tray, that should be OK (I've had some fat mourning doves sit in the tray). Good luck--you need to get some birds back in your yard!

Hi Nina,
I hope you don't get as cold as here -- my mom said they had 15 this morning!

Hello Sissy,
I think my bluejays discovered those peanuts within 15 minutes and just like yours, as soon as one starts shouting they all arrive!
(was it a house sparrow? the bluejays can have all of mine, as far as that goes)

Hi Trixie,
Hare your redpolls arrived yet? I keep watching for them at my feeders, but I don't think the goldfinches would give over much space.
The yarn is Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn (100% wool) and they have so many cool color combinations! It was hard to pick just one.

Hi Laura,
It is a treat and well worth what I have to spend on thistle seed to keep them all hanging around.

Hi Jayne,
It would be interesting to know how many of these have migrated from more northerly areas, but I'd be happy to keep them all winter.

Thanks Lisa.

Thanks Shelley. They do have such sweet faces but can be pretty scrappy at times!

Anonymous said...

It WAS a house sparrow so it wouldn't have been a big deal if Kathy hadn't witnessed the whole thing and been completely traumatized by it. She still hates bluejays.
This AM when I was filling my birdbath and a gold finch came and sat right on the pitcher of water while I was holding it! He wasn't the least bit scared of me. It was very cool.
Your sissy

Meggie said...

Beautiful knitting project, Ruthie! I've always loved watching goldfinches. They are such sweet and colorful birds.

Mary C said...

That's quite a few cute little goldfinches. Beautiful colors in that shawl, Ruthie. Something tells me you'll have that done by the end of this week.

RuthieJ said...

Oh Sissy, that would be so cool to see a goldfinch that close....lucky you!

Thanks Meggie. I keep watching those feeders closely too in case a pine siskin or redpoll decide to show up.

Thanks Mary, I have so many other projects I should be working on, but this shawl's got me hooked with all those different colors magically appearing from the center of the ball. I'll probably have it done by Thanksgiving for sure.