Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wet Birds....and everything else!

The temp was about 42 degrees when we got home from work today and it was pouring rain.

I commented to Mr. Johnson that I was going to have lots of messy birdfeeders to clean up once the weather dried out again. In spite of the nasty weather, I was happy to see several Pine Siskins getting thistle seed from the feeders on my deck. (notice that mess I mentioned earlier?)

This is definitely not a happy face!

Suet Feeder Fun

Sometimes when people find out I'm a "birder" they will ask me what my favorite bird is. I always have a hard time with that one and my usual response is, "well, it would be easier to tell you what my least favorite bird is......."
(I'm not as nice as Mary, it's time to get the starling trap out again!)


Debbie said...

Ruthie, I have to say when it comes to invasive, non-native birds, I am not very kind-hearted. Hope you can deal with your Starling problem soon.

Mama Pea said...

We have 40° and heavy rain in the NE corner of the state right now, too. Go figure. You're supposed to be warmer than we are. Or are we supposed to be colder than you are?

I drove 15 miles down the highway this morning to a meeting and I was very glad the temp was as warm as it was . . . 36° at the time. Otherwise, I could have been slip-sliding-away!

Dana and Daisy said...

what is your least favorite?

And do you have a good suggestion for what to put in a suet feeder?

I have a weird shaped one and don't know how to make suet to put in it.

Last year I put raw peanuts in it but some birds have a hard time pulling them out.

Anonymous said...

Glad you have siskins, I've been watching for them, but haven't seen a one. Rain sure does make for messy feeders and a soggy cat food dish [messy too]. We only had about a quarter of an inch of rain today. Enjoyed the pics!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

We had that rain all day yesterday. I am not complaining because we needed the rain. Our birds looked as sad as that poor pine siskin in your photo. It definitely isn't in its happy place.

KGMom said...

We had rain today, also, in central PA--and I know I will have soggy thistle--what a mess to clean out. Fortunately, the thistle was almost all consumed. I like keeping it out as it attracts titmice and chickadees.

Jayne said...

LOL Ruthie...yep, it's easy to name the "not such favorite" ones! :c)

Marsha said...

How great that you have pine siskins, I haven't seen any for awhile. Love the woodpeckers too! It is really wet here too and I noticed lots of my feeders are clumping too. I have an unusual amount of house sparrows this year at the feeders and so far the starlings have been grouping in the trees but staying away from the feeders. Tell us...what is your starling trap?

Richard said...

I never met a bird I didn't like.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Debbie,
I haven't had very many starlings for quite a while--I noticed one hanging around last week and there were 2 fighting over the (pictured) suet feeder yesterday afternoon, so the word's gotten out and they're starting to show up again. Fortunately they're crazy for suet, so easy to trap with suet for bait.

Hi Mama Pea,
I suppose your snow is all gone now with the rain too? Rain is better than ice this time of year though!

Hi Dana,
The European Starling (that "doin it rong" bird in my last photo).

I wonder if your "weird shaped" suet feeder is one of those specifically made for the chunks of raw suet a person can buy at the butcher shop? (if the holes are small enough though it also works good for shelled peanuts)

Hi Mom,
I didn't hear how much rain we got (my rain gauge is already turned over for winter). I hadn't seen the siskins for several weeks and was surprised to see them back again (and the goldfinches weren't chasing them away this time)

Hi Lisa,
I agree, a good soaking rain is always nice for the ground before winter too. But I sure felt bad for those bedraggled wet birdies outside though.

Hi Donna,
You have titmice at your thistle feeders? That's pretty nice! I see the chickadees at mine once in a while too (but no titmice in my yard yet this winter)

Hi Jayne,
I bet my top 3 least favorite bird list would probably be pretty similar to yours......

Hi Marsha,
Sounds like it might be dry and cold for the next few days, so maybe this weekend I can get all those feeders cleaned up.

(e-mail with sparrow/starling trap information coming your way....)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Richard,
I noticed you're much more soft-hearted than I am--especially towards house sparrows!

Shellmo said...

I laughed at your pine siskins face - there's a smile in there somewhere! And I need a tail prop feeder too. Thanks for the smiles this morning!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I know what it's like to get caught out in the rain little buddy.

Mary said...

Oh, gosh you made me choke on my tea. UR DOIN' IT RONG. So funny!

In a few weeks, I'll clean the feeders and start again, I guess. I'm getting published in the community magazine (remember?). I know it probably won't do any good...but it's worth trying in hopes my neighbors read it.