Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hello Spring!

I heard and saw the first Eastern Bluebirds of spring in my backyard this morning. They're definitely a welcome sign of spring. So I decided to take a walk around the backyard to find some other signs of spring. Come on along and let me show you what I found.....

Tiny hyacinths blooming close to the house

Daffodils are up a few inches

Daylilies are coming up too, but it looks like these ones caught a little frostbite!

I love the brilliant color of these red-twig dogwoods!

I let my inner fire-bug out last Sunday morning and burned off some dead grass and weeds at the driveway edge (pink arrow) and in a wild patch of the front yard.

I'm hoping next week there might be a nice, calm day that would be
perfect for the fire-bug and her butane torch to burn off the dead stalks of the backyard wildflower garden.

I was looking for any signs of life on the trees and spotted these pretty sprouts on a maple branch

And since the bluebirds are back now, it looks like I'm going to have to become much more vigilant against those pesty house sparrows.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, those house sparrows are pesky critters. It looks like spring has sprung in your area.

barefoot gardener said...

Woot! I have seen both my first robins and my first bluebirds of the season this week.


Mama Pea said...

Happy Spring time to you! Gives us a preview of what we will have in a month. Or two. Or three. We hope. :o)

Gaelyn said...

So good to see these signs of spring. Thanks for taking us along.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trip around the acreage, there sure is a lot going on. Let us know who is the first one to build a nest that you can see.

I hope this one goes thru.


KGMom said...

We had a wonderful taste of spring, last week in central PA. Then we got reminded that March can still pack a cold punch--temps in the mid-30s today with freezing forecast for overnight.

Jayne said...

Well, now that there are signs of spring all the way up there in your neck of the woods, we KNOW it has finally arrived!! Whoo-hoooo!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lisa,
Every day it seems there's another sign of spring showing it was the brown-headed cowbirds.

Hi Barefoot,
Dandelions are sprouting too. With the warm temps predicted for next week, should be seeing those sunny little flowers soon.

Hi Mama Pea,
Hopefully it will be less than a month before spring really shows up in your neck of the woods!

Thanks Gaelyn. Glad you could come along.

Hi Mom,
I'm thinking maybe the mourning doves will be the first to start a nest--they're acting mighty frisky in the backyard.

Hi Donna,
We had a couple chilly overnights in the past week, but still no snow for the month of March and none in the forecast.....we're looking at another record for this winter.

Hi Jayne,
Next week, the weather service is predicting highs around 70 for that's a sign of spring I'm ready for!

Kelly said...

...thank goodness spring is peeking around. It has been such a cold and grey winter...I'm ready for those spring flowers and birdsong! ('re a brave little fire bug!)

troutbirder said...

Great post Ruthie. I think you may onto something!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Kelly,
It seemed like we had a really long winter too, but once spring arrived it decided to grab hold! We will be ending March with a new record: not one flake of snow fell during the entire month!

Thanks Ray. I hope spring sticks around now.

Cathy said...

Ahhh. Sweet. My neighborhood, too. We made it. Whew.