Thursday, March 18, 2010

It Doesn't Take Much......

Ya know, it doesn't take much to get me a riled up some days......

Mr. Johnson's weekly edition of the Minnesota Outdoor News showed up in our mailbox today. I generally try to avoid posting about controversial subjects on my blog, but I've put colored boxes around the 2 headlines that bugged the shit out of me as I was reading and walking back from the mailbox.
Here's a link for you to click on if you'd like to read both of these articles.

I'm sure I'll get some comments I won't like for posting my opinions here in my blog, but I'm going to do it anyway (because I'm just so bugged by both of these decisions!) In the article about the sandhill crane season, I found this statement particularly interesting:
"They are plentiful and they are doing well," said Dennis Simon, DNR Wildlife Section chief, who will make the pitch to the councils next week. "We just think it's an opportunity that we should take advantage of for a fairly small cost."
Cost to who? The State of Minnesota or the Sandhill Cranes?? Give me a freakin' break!!

If this hunting season passes, Minnesota would become the first state of the northern Mississippi Flyway to allow hunting of these cranes (it's already allowed in every state of the Central Flyway except Nebraska). Maybe if it passes, the DNR should consider tacking on a short, lottery-only season for Tundra Swans too. Everyone know there's a ton of them migrating through the state in the fall, and think of all the extra revenue that would generate -- especially for non-resident permits! Hell, let's just shoot em all!

Farther down in the article Steve Cordts, the waterfowl specialist for the DNR says the following, "It's hard to say how much interest there would be in Minnesota in crane hunting." There are hunters in the state who travel elsewhere to hunt cranes, and he figures the number of hunters who participate might be in the hundreds. In defense of the cranes, Steve Cordts also says, "Cranes wise up pretty quickly to hunting pressure, so if we opened it and there was some interest, I would think they would wise up to it pretty quick." That's a profound statement, don't you think? Does that somehow justify selling bunches of licenses to shoot these cranes? Because after the first day of the season, they will just "wise up" and fly somewhere else? I'm sure that hundreds of years of migratory flight patterns aren't going to change because these birds will now be getting shot at. If that were the case, there would be no cranes to hunt in the Central Flyway either.

Well, there, I've gotten that rant out of my system for today...... I don't think I'm even going to delve into the wolf de-listing issue, I'm sure my blood pressure is already sky high. I'm just going to sit back and see where this post goes in the blogosphere and see what types of comments it generates.


Anonymous said...

I say DO NOT, DO NOT take wolves off the endangered species list. They are just finally coming into their own again. If you want info go to the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN or check them out on line. There is a wealth of info on them and their lives.

I can't believe hunting Sandhill Cranes, what is the purpose of killing them, it's like killing mourning doves. God made these animals for us to enjoy.

Well there are my words on this subject. If they ever become a nuisance, then protect them.


Chicken Mama said...

I'm all for a good rant now and again! Rant away! ;)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This makes me ill. Just like them having a woodcock hunting season. I must say we rarely see/hear a woodcock and they are still on the list of the hunted. I guess they will wait until there are a handfull to take them off the hunted list.

Jayne said...

I just don't get it at all. There are plenty of things to hunt. Why on earth cranes???

KGMom said...

Well, human hubris strikes again.
I can't understand it...we endanger the creatures who occupy this planet with us.
Someday, it will just be humans, insects and microbes. No large animals, no birds.
Then where will we be?
I agree with Mom--don't hunt wolves either.

sarah in SE Michigan said...

"They are plentiful and they are doing well," said Dennis Simon, DNR Wildlife Section chief"

If that is the justification for hunting a creature, then why not add humans to the list! I'm sure we would wise up pretty quickly too.

Anonymous said...

How come we can't have a hunting season for crows? They're extremely plentiful and that seems to be the only rationale needed. How about bald eagles? They've recovered sufficiently to weather the storm of hunters, doncha think? And don't get ME started on the wolves. What is our DNR thinking??? Is this how they're spending the money we pay to have those pretty license plates??? What a crock. Who are these morons anyway??????

Sincerely, Your outraged Sissy

RuthieJ said...

I totally agree Mom. I remember back when that dove season was started and never could figure out the reason for that either.

Thanks Chicken Mama! Doesn't always solve anything, but sure makes a girl feel a little better!

Hi Lisa,
I think when we used to purchase pheasant hunting licenses they used to ask if we were going to hunt snipe or woodcock also....never did though! I think Minnesota also started a prairie chicken season a couple years ago too--another stupid move as far as I'm concerned.

That's what I'm wondering Jayne! My own personal opinion is that it's all about $$$.....if they can get people to pay money for a license to kill something, then obviously they're going to do it.

Hi Donna,
Wouldn't you think they'd learn after so many years? I remember watching a show on Minnesota history on PBS a few years ago and there was a section in there about how the passenger pigeons were hunted to extinction in the state. Very sad. I'm sure the Sandhill Cranes are far from extinction, but really with habitat loss and hunting, can it possibly still happen in our lifetime?

Exactly Sarah! A person has to wonder what will be added to the "birds/animals to hunt" list next!

Hi Sissy,
Actually, Minnesota instituted crow hunting season several years ago.....there's one on right now (just prior to nesting season--go figure!) and another one in July (I assume after any babies have fledged). Obviously they're only hunted because people think they're pests -- not as a gamebird or to put food on anyone's table.
You bring up an interesting question though about exactly where that license plate money is going every year.....

Mama Pea said...

Of course, it's all about money. The word these days seems to be that it's okay to do ANYTHING to make money. It's just too bad stupidity enters in so prominently.

(If you can't rant and rave on your own blog, where can you do it? Rant on all you want.)

Mel said...

Hola Ruthie,

I'm a bit shocked about this post, can't believe what they want to do. I had to read it twice, tought my English wasn't good enough to understand it the first time.

What humans do... unbelievable.



RuthieJ said...

Thanks for your input Mama Pea. Since you're up there in wolf country, maybe you can tell me.....if wolves were de-listed, do you know of anyone who would purchase a license to shoot one? I'm just curious because I don't think there's much of a middle ground on wolves--people either really like them or not (at least this is what I've felt when we used to visit the Ely area years ago).

Hi Mel,
Shocking and sad for me too! Just another government policy that I don't understand....

Mama Pea said...

There's no question in my mind that some would purchase licenses to take wolves. I know there are people in the area who regularly shoot any and all coyotes or timber wolves that they come across . . . if no one is looking. It is, as you say, people either love them or hate them. Very little middle ground.

dAwN said...

Crap..more awful news..Cant see any reason to hunt cranes. and the wolves...gurrr.. i am getting angry.
Going to tweet this out to twitter.
Thanks for the Rant!

RuthieJ said...

Thanks for your input Mama Pea. That's pretty much what I kinda thought. I think it would be the same way down here.

Sorry Dawn, didn't mean to upset you!

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh.......hunting Sandhill Cranes!!! What's wrong with people.... They certainly aren't plentiful down here.

Danielle said...

definitely behind on my blog reading, but I'll chime in on both's your blog, rant away :-) and those headlines bug me, too...except for mosquitoes, I'm almost ready to put everything on the endangered list except humans... :-) (but you, my family, and other responsible hunters can still hunt--I just have to approve of all hunting licenses before they're issued) :-)

RuthieJ said...

I know just sucks, doesn't it?

Ok Danielle, that sounds fair..... Submitting for your approval: 1 spring turkey license and 1 deer license in the fall (plus 1 possible bonus deer tag - for venison jerky bribes)

troutbirder said...

The DNR is a professional organization headed by a political appointee. Lay this bullshit in the lap of the hunter and fishermans "friend" Pawlenty. We will become the North Dakota (shoot anything that moves) and Wyoming (chase and kill every last wolf down to extinction with your snowmobil)of the North Country.

Cathy said...

My jaw is on my chest. You have GOT TO BE KIDDING!!

Shoot cranes?!

Yeah. Makes my BP rise just thinking about it.