Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some Miscellaneous Stuff

Our census form arrived in the mail today. Per the instructions in the cover letter, I completed the enclosed census form today! It will go out in tomorrow's mail. Glad that's finally over....it will be interesting to see what the final results of this whole census program will be (or what kind of snafus will be revealed before the completion of the process!)

While I was getting supper ready I saw a small flock of birds fly past the kitchen window. It looked a bit like a flock of starlings, but when they landed in the oak tree, a quick look through the binoculars revealed Cedar Waxwings! One of my favorite birdies! And the first time I've seen them in my yard this year, so they're bird #24 on the 2010 backyard list.

And, amazingly enough, this silly squirrel still hasn't figured out how to get past the baffle.
I watched this squirrel run up and down the tree and out on branches several times. He would sit there on the branch and look over at the feeder, but he still hasn't figured out that he could leap from the branch to the feeder! Maybe the side opening on the feeder isn't large enough for this fat squirrel to confidently launch himself into -- or there's just so much seed on the ground that he can stuff himself without having to resort to any extreme measures to obtain food. I promise if I ever catch the squirrel in this feeder, photographs will appear on this blog!


Anonymous said...

You still have one baffled squirrel, it is funny that it hasn't found a way to get at that seed. SO BAFFLING!!!


Jayne said...

We got our census form yesterday and I filled it out to be mailed today. It will be interesting to see how the US demographics have changed in 10 years.

Funny squirrel! Isn't it interesting what sorts of things baffle them?? :c)

dAwN said...

Damn..that squirrel still hasnt figured that out yet? Well either one dumb squirrel, which i doubt..or a great baffle!