Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Church of Our Benevolent Mother Nature

I attended services at the Church of Our Benevolent Mother Nature this morning. A bunny and raccoon were hurrying in ahead of me to get to their spots.

Pre-service music was provided by indigo buntings, cardinals, pee-wees, chickadees, and nuthatches.

Downy, Hairy, and Red-Bellied Woodpeckers provided a short, but heart-felt sermon.

After service, I headed to the pond for post-service social time.

Mrs. Whitetail and her fawn were already there, but she wasn't the least bit happy to see me.

She snorted and stamped her foot at me, but I held my ground. "Hey, that's not very good fellowship," I told her. Since she couldn't get me to leave she took off running one direction while her little fawn took off the other way.

As I was heading home, I spotted these three juvenile delinquents messing around all by themselves. I'm guessing they snuck out the back of services for some good times while Mom was still visiting. Don't you just love their ears?

Can we get a close-up on those spots?

Oh-oh, we are so busted. Let's go guys!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics of those beautiful deer, you know you couldn't get them to pose like that for a million dollars. Surprises are always the best, they aren't posed. Those ears hear everything and "The Lord God Made Them All". I again enjoyed the nature walk.

Trixie said...

When my husband goes for early morning rides or runs up the pass or peak, I tell my girls he's at the cathedral. I like "Our Benevolent Mother Nature."

Body Soul Spirit said...

I loved this post. The outdoors can be the finest cathedral of all if we take the time to notice!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mom,
Glad you enjoyed it. I was really surprised at how many deer I saw in just that one area--8 total (I took more pictures, but didn't post them in this blog).

Hi Trixie,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have yours bookmarked and when I get a little free time, I'm planning to check out your life in "Seward's Folly."

Hi Ruth,
I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I was so happy to see all the deer and anxious to get home and post the blog right away to share it with everyone.

Mary C said...

Hi Ruth - I'd say it was serene, peaceful, and inspiring - wasn't it? I loved your commentary, too!

Jayne said...

What a wonderful church service Ruthie. Thanks for taking us along.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary C & Jayne,
Although I was raised as a Missouri Synod Lutheran, I must tell you that I no longer attend regular, indoor church services. I just got tired of all the "politics" that seemed to be going on at church all the time. Mornings like this restore my faith in all that's right with the world and I feel much closer to God than I would inside a church building somewhere.

Larry said...

That's my favorite kind of church.-
I liked your post-A nice way of looking at things!

Mary said...

Ruthie! I am so behind! Your deer are so sweet and I'm so glad you had your CAMERA!

Wonderful post :o)

RuthieJ said...

Hi Larry,
I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I sure had fun watching those deer.

Hi Mary,
I'm starting to take the camera more often now (per advice from a wise woman!) I'm starting to look at things more often now from a photo standpoint. It's challenging but fun.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goddess... you have soooo captured what I feel about nature and spirituality... I find my inspiration outside so much more than in church... (though an occasional trip to church can also be inspiring...)

LauraHinNJ said...

Sounds like my kind of church!