Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wednesday Assortment

Today after work, the salesman from Budget Blinds come over to give me an estimate on new vertical blinds for our living room patio door. I installed the current blinds myself back in 1987 when we built the house. A couple weeks ago, I broke the blinds trying to close them, so now they can only be closed by pushing them with my hand. I am seriously out of touch with the reality of how much window treatments cost, because these new blinds are going to set me back almost $270! Is this a lot of money for patio door blinds? The salesman told me there are some window treatments for patio doors that cost $3000....and people actually buy them! I was flabbergasted. Obviously, these people don't have pets.

Daisy wants to know if she can still do this once we get new blinds? "Yes, Daisy, they will be vinyl blinds and you won't be able to get dog fur on them."

For what I'm paying, I will get new blinds, they will install them and also haul away my old blinds. I was hoping to spend probably half that much, but this way, it's going to be all done correctly, with a lifetime guarantee, and I never had to set foot outside my house for the selection and purchase, so I guess it's worth it. Now if only I could figure out how to take better pictures when the light is behind my subject....any tips on that fellow bloggers?

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Here's the first blossom in my wildflower garden....a coreopsis, I think. There are many more buds, so by the end of the week I should be seeing quite a few more of these pretty golden flowers.

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Here's an updated photo of the baby doves. Wow, they've almost doubled in size from last Saturday. Their eyes aren't open yet, but their feathers are really starting to come in.

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Here's a look inside one of my wren houses. This Mama House Wren has 7 eggs! Boy is she going to be busy if they all hatch. This is one of the recycled plastic houses from Rubicon. I have had it hanging outside for about 7 years and this is the first year wrens have nested in it. I really like that you can open the roof to look inside....very good for picture-taking. I've never seen the actual wren nest before this year, and I'm amazed that her little nest is totally lined with little feathers.

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Someone in my backyard was having a bad "hare" day (profound disapproval at the bad pun).


Lynne said...

Oooh, that bunny needs a good brushing! Neat picture of the wren's nest. They nest in my yard every year but I've never seen inside the house before! Yikes on the blinds- the cost of window treatments is crazy! How's the weather down there tonight? We've had huge wind gusts this evening- in fact I watched a 6 inch thick branch blow down from our maple about an hour ago!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lynne,
Isn't that bunny cute? I'm not sure how he got such messy fur, but other than that he appeared healthy.
The winds are horrible. Some gusts over 40 that make the house shudder but no branches down yet. Sounds like the worst of it is coming today.

Body Soul Spirit said...

Glad you are planning pet friendly upgrades for your windows. I am most comfortable in homes like that. Expensive perfection is not homey enough for me!

Mary said...

In 2002, we used the same type of company to install blinds in our home in Delaware - 14 or 15 windows ran us about $2,300 and I nearly wet my pants. But it's worth it. They are great blinds, expertly hung, and will last a lifetime.

If I had boxes, I'd be peeking all day long :o)

mon@rch said...

Just love the baby doves and sorry to hear about the blinds! ugg!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Ruth,
It's funny you should mention pet-friendly, because when we got our new carpet, the salesman really wanted to sell us Berber and I resisted till he showed me one with very small loops so I wouldn't worry about the dogs and cat catching their toenails! The pets RULE in this house!

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the endorsement. It makes me feel better about spending so much money.

Hi Tom,
Severe storms moved through the area earlier this afternoon, but I checked when I got home and Mrs. MODO is still sitting tightly on her nest--even through 45 mph gusts. I'm hoping there's no storm redevelopment....

Larry said...

That doesn't sound to bad for window treatments, as long as you are happy with the job.-I'm still waiting on the camera tips.