Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Perching Robins

Here are pictures of some of the places robins like to perch in my yard (in addition to the usual tree branches and other "normal" bird perching spots).

On the hummingbird feeder. This is the first time I've seen a robin do this--they usually perch on the metal pole that holds the hummingbird feeder.

This is a foam target deer we use for practicing our bow & arrow shooting. It's close to my little pond where the robins like to bathe and then they fly over to perch on the deer's head (or sometimes the deer's butt) to dry off their feathers.

On top of a tomato cage in the garden.

On top of the "lawn boulder" (after the deer head, this seems to be their most favorite perching spot in the backyard).

What's the most unusual thing you've seen a robin perching on?


Lynne said...

We always have a bike or two in the back yard and they like to perch in the seat and handlebars.

KGMom said...

Nothing unusual--although this year is crazy with robins. So many.
They love my bird bath where they do complete immersion baths!
Love the photo of the robin on the deer head.

Anonymous said...

Yes robins like to sit in unusual places, one place they won't sit is on the outdoor cats heads here at home,HA-HA! I love to listen to them before I get up in the morning, they are chirping at 4 in the morning, along with mourninng doves cooing, and the wren singing his heart out. The sounds of summer are wonderful and don't forget to smell the flowers.

your sissy said...

The robins in my yard really like to sit on my sparrow trap. It's right under the suet log so it's covered with little pieces of suet that they eat. Earlier this spring some of them got caught in the trap but we always let them out right away. I think they've gotten VERY smart because they never go inside anymore. It's amusing to watch them sit on the edge, look inside at the bait and just hop off again. I think they're really quite intelligent to have figured this out :)

Mary said...

I don't see them perch often but I see them running across the road a lot or scampering across the grass. Your photos are really funny! Silly Robins!

Body Soul Spirit said...

Like Mary, I don't see them perching very often. They are usually on the ground, hopping about under the trees. We counted 20 robins in the park on the ground in one area this past weekend.

Larry said...

The Robins in my yard like to perch in the tree above the bird bath.-They are bath hogs-they take a bath, dry off and then take another bath.

RuthieJ said...

I bet your kids hate it when there's bird poop on the bike seat too...

It seems like there's lots of robins here too. I wonder if there really are more or am I just taking the time to notice them?

I heard a robin still chirping last night at 10 PM when I took the dogs out before bed. Robins sure don't get much time to sleep.

I've heard robins will eat suet. I'm glad they figured out your trap. Hopefully starlings never get that smart!

I think robins are silly, but fun to watch. Do you ever watch them when they're turning their head sideways to look for worms... It looks like they're listening for a worm.

20 robins in one place? Isn't that amazing. It's fun to hear groups of them chirping to each other and their babies.

Isn't it amazing too how much water they can splash out of a birdbath in just a few minutes?