Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

To celebrate Father's Day, we continued a tradition started several years ago of having a picnic at Forestville State Park. Everyone brings something and it's a nice family get-together. Brother Dave came down from St. Paul and my two nieces also came with their mom (my sissy).

My niece had a special cake made for Grampy. My sister was looking through photo albums and found some fun pictures of Dad wearing goofy hats, so this was incorporated into a special "Hats Off" to Dad and Grampy cake.

Here's Dad and his cake. (It was a mighty tasty cake too!)

After the picnic lunch, we had some time to hike around the park, so Brother Dave and I took off down one of the paths. Here are some of the things we saw.

Right in the picnic shelter, there was a pair of IO moths. Here is the male--he's larger and more of a brownish color.

Here's the female with more of a yellowish coloring. When we picked up the log she was sitting on, she immediately opened her wings and turned upside down as a defensive posture. Don't those dots on here wings look like an owl face? That was pretty neat to see her do that.

Farther down the path, Dave found this caterpillar on a stinging nettle leaf. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm leaning towards a Painted Lady. Can anyone help with a positive identification?

We saw this little snail on another leaf.

There were some butterflies too....

Pearl Crescent

I'm going to guess that this might be a Tawny Emperor. My Peterson "Flash Guide" for butterflies says they are found in woodlands near streams and rivers and feeds at animal droppings. We saw this one on a little road next to the river that's used as a horse trail and this butterfly was near some horse "road apples."

While we were walking down the trail, I got the distinct feeling we were being watched.....

Look how this tree has managed to grow from an almost solid limestone hillside.

A pretty shelf fungus on an old log on the ground.

Happy Father's Day, Dad. Hope you enjoyed your afternoon and this little walk through Forestville.


Body Soul Spirit said...

Thanks for inviting me to the picnic and the hike! Lovely pictures. I like the deer pose.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hike, oh how I longed to go along, that is something I miss so. Dad said he wished he had taken off his cap, so everyone could see his bald head. The deer pic is precious, maybe there was a little one in the underbrush, she is watchful.
Thank you for a day well spent in the great outdoors, a favorite place in the summer, Forestville State Park.

Jayne said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful celebration. Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

I am sure he loved it! I would have liked to join you but I enjoyed it anyway, through your photos. What a lovely deer!

RuthieJ said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone. It was a nice day. I usually don't see deer in Forestville, so seeing that big doe was a nice surprise and she posed nicely for a picture. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a baby nearby, but the underbrush is very thick and I didn't have long pants or good hiking shoes on either.