Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Furry Children & A Woodpecker

I never post many pictures of my hounds because Sophie (the light colored pup) is a'feared of the camera. I got these pictures last week while they were outside in the yard--I think there were enough distractions for her and she didn't notice I had the camera on her....

.....until this picture when she was coming towards me (notice the ducked head and turned-back ears? she's such a baby!)

This is our old girl, Daisy. She still hasn't gained back much weight since her dental surgery a few weeks ago. I would like to see her gain a few more pounds, but she's doing pretty good for a dog who's 14 and a half years old.

Something especially fragrant here....maybe from a squirrel??

Here's another benefit of window feeders for birds.....entertainment for your indoor cat. These feeders work especially well in the dining room bay window, because there's a nice big spot (usually sunny) for Penny to park her furry girth and wait for birds to show up.

This is the feeder where I put mealworms for the chickadee. The chickadees perch in the crabapple tree right outside and fly down to pick up a worm. They're pretty quick, but still apprehensive about flying down to the feeder when Penny's sitting in the window.

Isn't this a funny picture? What intensity! Penny could see the chickadee out on the branch and whenever it would try to fly to the feeder, she would pop up from the crouch and, of course, scare the chickadee away.

This is the tray where the bluejays pick up their peanuts. They're a little braver than the chickadee, maybe because they don't have to come as close to the window to grab a peanut as the chickadee does for a worm.

Eventually Penny gets tired of this game and curls up in her chair for a nap and the birdies are able to fly over and get their special treats. I have another feeder farther over on the window, but just filled it up yesterday and Penny hasn't yet spotted the house finches coming to that one.

And did you know woodpeckers like corn on the cob? I have this corn hanging out for the bluejays, but this little downy has decided to take advantage of it also.


Mary said...

Ruthie, thanks for the giggles tonight. That photo of Penny with ears back brings back so many memories of my cats. I can hear the chattering... Look at Monarch's blog tonight for more!

You give me great ideas for the birds. Do the squirrels go for the corn? I used to hang corn for them in MD and within a few hours the cobs were bare.

Your hounds are good-looking - even though Sophia has an aversion to the camera and Daisy is such a senior. She looks good to me. My Chloe is very thin but I think when they are senior dogs, being trim is better than being a chunk!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
Penny usually doesn't make that chattering noise, but her tail really twitches!

I think I have weird squirrels...they seem to be pretty content to just sit in the tray feeders on the ground and eat the sunflower seeds. I also have corncobs on the ground but I think the bunnies and deer eat that.

Daisy now has to eat special food because of her decreased kidney function, so that may be keeping her trim also. Sophie still chows down on the IAMS for senior dogs (she just turned 10 in October).

Trixie said...

Haaaa! Haaaa! Haaa! Penny is a riot. My Henry gets his tail wet watching the chickadees from the kitchen window. He chatters at them, whines, and doesn't even notice his tail is soaking in the sink!

mon@rch said...

O my goodness! Great Minds Think Alike! I so love your post with your puppies and you Cat! I love the shot with your one cat's ears back! When they do that you really know they mean business!

Meggie said...

Hi Ruth: What an array of furry and feathery friends you have. I, too, am amazed that the squirrels don't devour the corn. Mine are pretty pesky.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hey Ruthie. Great photos of your pets in action. Seeing all these cat photos on my favorite blogs almost makes me want one again. They are so entertaining.

I don't put corn out because I don't like to encourage squirrels any more than they are already with the sunflower seed.

I didn't know Downy Woodpeckers ate corn from the cob. A good picture.

Jennifer said...

Nice pups. And really cool bird feeders!

Jayne said...

Poor Penny... so close and yet... LOL! Funny the Downy on the corn! Love your sweet pups!

Marsha said...

Pretty cute pups and the cat staking out the feeders is too funny!

Love your corn feeder...there sure are a lot of downys around this year. I think they are so entertaining.

MOM said...

Your blog from 10-30, that is a form of crabapple tree but can't tell you which one. [I'm trying]
Love the pics of the grand-dogs and grand-cat, we haven't seen them in quite awhile. Yes Daisy looks thin but good and Sophie always has her nose on the ground probably looking for something to roll in,YUCK !!! Thanks for the update on the pets.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Trixie,
You posted that picture last week of Henry wearing the pink sweater and looking out the window too. It's amazing how much the kitties notice outside, isn't it?

Hi Mon@rch,
I suppose it's kinda mean to torture her with those bird feeders right there, but at least it gives her something (besides the guppies) to watch during the day.

Hi Meggie,
I don't think my cautious squirrels really like moving through all the open space between the trees--especially with a Cooper's and Red-Tailed Hawk in the neighborhood! Plus they never know when a couple dogs might come dashing out the back door....

Hi Lisa,
I noticed you said "almost" LOL! Cats are fun, but I notice no one ever does a post about cleaning out the litter box or picking up coughed-up furballs!

The Downy eating corn was a new sight for me too... Silly woodpecker--I have suet in 5 different places too.

Hi Jennifer,
Those pups are truly spoiled.

I got the corncob holder at the Renaissance Festival many years ago from a blacksmith who was selling some neat things. I like that it holds the corn upright so the birds are able to perch on it and still eat the kernels.

Hi Jayne,
Sometimes if the birds are on the feeder too long, Penny will finally just lunge at the window and the birds fly away. I always laugh at her when she does this and she gets very embarassed and will go and hide in the bedroom.

Hi Marsha,
Thank you. I have quite a few Downies again this year....only see the Hairy occasionally for a few minutes. Woodpeckers are a lot of fun.

Hi Mom,
Thanks for the tip on the crabapple tree. At least I know what species to start studying now.

You will have your fill of the grand-pets on Thanksgiving, although Penny probably won't come out because everyone makes fun of how fat she is....she's very sensitive!

Ruth said...

You have a lovely place, Ruthie. My dog doesn't like the camera anymore either. We have to distract him to get a shot, even without a flash.

Susie said...

Our cat Vincent likes to watch the birds through the slider. Love his chitter noise. After a while he tires and takes his nap too!
Didn't know about the corn (for bluejays or woodpeckers) I'll have to try that!

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

I just love those dogs! It's funny what they become afraid of. One of my little Papillons can go all the way up the stairs EXCEPT for that very last step. She stands there and whines for someone to come and get her. Still haven't figured that one out.

--Robin (Bumblebee)

Cathy said...

Awwww . . Ruthie - your dear pups. I've never had a dog live 'til 14. Bless you and her and I hope she continues to heal.

Cats are neat. Wish I weren't allergic. But, I do enjoy other people's cat pixes and stories. Penny is purty.

You've inspired me with your window feeders. I'm going to get one for my mom. And how the blazes do you get the corn onto that thing-a-ma-bob? Looks like it would take muscles to cram it onto those prongs.

Larry said...

I've never seen woodpeckers eat corn on the cob but then again I've never put corn on the cob out.I like watching a cats reaction to birds, especially when they make that strange little noise.

KGMom said...

Ruthie--that is most interesting that your one dog does not like the camera. My dog does the same thing--as soon as I get the camera out, she goes slinking off. If I take photos of other things, she's fine. But when I point it at her, her ears go down.
I enjoyed the dogs and cat photos.

RuthieJ said...

Thank you, Ruth.
It's so weird about dogs and cameras. I wish I knew why she's scared of it...she's the same way with flashlights too!

Hi Susie,
Bunnies & squirrels like corn too, but I make sure there's enough out there in different spots so all the critters get their share!

Hi Robin,
Even though my dogs are goofy sometimes, I still love them! They sure bring me a lot of joy (except when they roll in poop!)

Hi Cathy,
Thanks for your kind words. I think your Mom would really like a window feeder....give the birds a few days to discover it and then the fun begins.
The corn holder has real sharp prongs (almost like the old fashioned square nails). Since the cob is pretty dried out, it actually pushes on to the prong very easily.

Hi Larry,
Penny's getting used to the birds at the window now. She doesn't hardly make the effort to jump up there anymore unless they spend several seconds at the feeder. The house finches are turning out to be the least fearful.

Hi Donna,
I have yet to figure out why one dog is scared and the other isn't. Daisy isn't really fearful of anything (except the vet!), while Sophie is fearful of lots of things: camera, flashlights, squeaky toys, my cell phone's low battery alert tone, and my husband's work pager (especially when it's set on vibrate--she's terrified of the sound it makes if he leaves it on his dresser and it starts vibrating). Very strange....