Sunday, August 19, 2007

Minnesota Floods

Well, it's official....August 2007 has become the wettest August on record for our area. So far, this month the Rochester International Airport (our "official" weather data station) has recorded over 10-1/2 inches of rain....and there's still 13 days left in the month. Yesterday was the record breaker for amount of rain on that date: 5.16 inches.

Here's a picture of a little creek in a nearby farm field that has become a large flooded area. The water was running pretty fast. Fortunately no crops were planted in this field and there were no livestock or homes nearby that suffered damage.

Many areas farther south and east of us here in Minnesota were devastated by flooding overnight. Six people lost their lives due to the flooding--four of them in motor vehicles. Two were washed away in their car and drowned and two others died because the road they were traveling on had washed away and in the dark they were not able to see this and ended driving into the large crater where the road had been.

I'm glad I live on top of the hill. I have a fear of water and don't even like to walk in it--especially if I think it's going to go up past my ankles. I wouldn't even dream of driving on a road that had water running across it. "Turn Around - Don't Drown" is the motto the National Weather Service has been trying to drill into our heads this year.
I saw pictures on the Nightly News this evening of major flooding going on in Oklahoma and some people who were stranded in their vehicle on a flooded road. It was a dangerous mission for rescuers in a helicopter, but they did get those folks out of there.

So, I guess I'm rambling here...this crazy weather's got my brain in a fog. And as a former Red Cross volunteer, please try to remember your local chapter with a donation if you can. The one thing I learned when I was on our Red Cross Board is that each chapter is also responsible for providing support to other disasters, in the U.S. and beyond (earthquake in Peru, Hurricane Dean, flooding in Oklahoma and Minnesota, and the cooling centers now open in the eastern U.S., to name a few). All of these efforts will require funds over and above what many local chapters have budgeted for. Please check with your local chapter for ways you can help.


mon@rch said...

was this an area that was having droughts in july? WOW, Sounds like you guys are VERY wet!

Jayne said...

The pictures have been very scary indeed. Especially in OK area, where entire interstates are flooded and people are being rescued on top of their cars. EEK. Stay safe Ruthie.

Mary said...

They say be careful of what you ask for. My goodness, Ruth. I'm sorry for your area but I'm happy you live on a hill.

Flooding is a force I'd hate to deal with. I've been watching the news.

Hang in there!

Tracy said...

Hope you and yours are safe. What's going on with our weather? Last weekend I wished for rain and we ended up with downed trees and no electricity for three days. Now you have floods, bridges and roads out - it's just terrible. Yet another disaster area in Minnesota.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Tom,
Yup, one month ago we were hot and dry as a bone and now the ground squishes when you walk in the yard!

Hi Jayne,
I consider myself very fortunate--not even a trickle of water anywhere in the lower level. Many other folks don't even have a house anymore.

Hi Mary,
I, too, would hate to ever be in a flood. I don't think you can ever totally clean up all that mud and water.
The dogs sure hate it when it rains...they run out and quick do their business...then it's a mad dash back to the house!

Hi Tracy,
How's your shoulder doing?
I'm wondering about this crazy weather too. I started watching "An Inconvenient Truth" last night and that's convincing me more than ever that this is another consequence of global warming.

Cathy said...

Hi Ruth,

I too don't like deep water around my feet. Creepy. Hasn't this summer been something?

I know the Red Cross does so much good throughout the world. It's an organization I'm happy to give money.

I'm glad you stopped by to say Hi at Looking Up.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Cathy,
Just watching pictures of all that rushing water gave me the creeps. This has truly been a summer we'll remember weather-wise. I really appreciate the few "normal" weather days we've had this summer.

Thanks for donating to the Red Cross. I know they appreciate all the help.