Monday, August 13, 2007

Welcome to the World

The wrens nested in the little mailbox house under my deck. For the last several weeks, the busy wren parents have been in and out of that little house with a bug-filled beak from morning till night.

My clotheline runs to the deck railing right above this birdhouse, so I had lots of opportunities to watch these little birds while I was hanging up laundry. They didn't tolerate my presence very well and there was plenty of scolding--especially when I lingered to try and get pictures of them. They would disappear into the hostas under the deck (searching for insects, I suppose) and never come back out till I went in the house.

It was difficult to see inside the house and as I have observed in other wren nests where I could look inside, they situate the nest on the farthest back wall of the house. I think there were 3 babies in this brood.

The feeding activity had been quite frantic through the end of last week and I could hear the babies chirping loudly from inside the house. But every time I snuck over to look inside and see one of the little ones, they would duck down and disappear.

On Saturday morning, this little one appeared on the feeding tray on the deck right above the house. I know lots of people don't like wrens, but isn't this baby just the cutest little thing? I just love that little tail!
We had a bad thunderstorm on Saturday night, so I hope this little one survived.

The other babies didn't fledge until today. Wouldn't you want to get out of this house? I can't believe they can survive the heat we've had in a tiny little house like this that receives direct afternoon sunlight.

Anyway, it was very quiet out there this afternoon while I was hanging out laundry. I'll miss those little wrens in the backyard. The nesting season is slowly winding down, although I still have the baby goldfinches and cedar waxwings to look forward to. And, my biggest surprise.....while mowing the other day, I found 5 more eggs in one of the bluebird boxes! This will be a late hatch for them, but hopefully we'll have quite a few more weeks of summer weather to aid this bluebird pair in raising their third brood of this year.


MOM said...

Wrens are just to cute, I love their songs and they are not annoying to me at all. One year one of our wren houses held 8, yes 8 babies! I couldn't believe it. It was a house in the birch tree in front of the our house and it faced southeast , we could see all the goings-on, it was hilarious, heads peeking out all the time, when they learned they would fly to the bird bath and the shrubs but back to the house at nite or if a kitty appeared. They were so much fun to watch and pretty doggone smart too.

Lynne said...

Oh dang, Ruthie, adult wrens are cute but that baby wren is PAINFULLY cute! I've had wrens nest in my back yard for several years but have never seen one of the babies. Thank you for letting me see one.

Mary C said...

I don't see wrens very much, so this is a treat - they are so cute. Thanks for sharing your pix.

Jayne said...

Awwwww... I love that beeby!! Sweetness! Wow, a late bluebird nest indeed. Hope all goes well!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mom,
This is the first time the wrens have nested so close to the house. It sure was fun to see and hear them singing.

Hi Lynne,
Painfully cute is right--it made me want to cry! I could hardly contain myself from trying to catch and hold the little bugger in my hand. So serious and brave in the big new world....

Hi Mary C,
When I saw this little wren on the deck I couldn't wait to get some pictures. So cooperative and photogenic and the entire time, the mom wren was sitting down below and just cursing me!

Hi Jayne,
Sweet for sure! I think the family is still hanging around because I got a pretty serious scolding out by the apple tree last evening.
I usually don't see the bluebirds start migrating till early October, so I'm optimistic about this new family (but will keep an eye on their progress).

mon@rch said...

Congrats on them fledging and what a cuttie for sure! it is wonderful watching their life cycle into becoming "bird" adults!!

Body Soul Spirit said...

I have just seen 2 wrens this year, both in piles of brush. It would be neat to have them nesting in a box in the yard.

Mary said...


I like wrens! I had a few Carolina Wrens living under my deck last winter - they'd fly in and out of the lattice.

It's kind of sad the a brood leaves. I wish them well. And you are right - it's too hot for babies to be cooped up inside a hot box.

LauraHinNJ said...

They're just too cute. *Our* pair raised two broods and then disappeared. I miss their constant bubbling song in the garden already.

Larry said...

I've been blessed with Carolina and House Wrens nesting in my yard this year.-They make a lot of noise for litle birds!-Very cute picture!