Saturday, August 18, 2007

Too Much Rain!

Less than a month ago, we were classified in severe drought conditions. The month of August has just changed all that. According to the "official" National Weather Service Climate Report, we have received 7.36 inches of rain since August 1st!

(if you look closely at the evergreen in the center of this picture, you can see how hard it's raining)

Here's my rain gauge at 6:00 pm this has been raining since about 5:30 this morning.

Also here's my outside thermometer this afternoon.

Here's the most popular birdfeeder at my place today. (For those of you who are Wild Birds Unlimited shoppers, this fly-through feeder is made by Holscher and designed to fit their pole system. It's all metal and one of the best birdfeeder investments I've ever made.)The tray part is adjustable, so I moved it up more under the shelter of the roof and the little birdies can eat and get out of the rain for a little bit. They have also been sitting on the branch perches underneath it in an effort to get out of the heavy rain for a few minutes.

I put the rain guard over the hummingbird feeder yesterday when I filled it. There's not too much wind, so the feeder and hummers get a little bit of protection from the downpour.

Look at this poor little bedraggled goldfinch. I wanted to take the feeders down today so I wouldn't have to spend hours trying to clean out all the wet seed, but there's been so much activity with birds eating all day to try and keep their energy up in this cool and wet weather, that I'm glad I left those feeders hanging out. I guess I can deal with a little inconvenience....helping the birds is why I have those feeders out there, right?

It's only 7:45 right now and it's almost dark big thistle feeder is covered with little goldfinches trying to get enough food to hold them overnight. The rain has stopped for now, but forecasters are saying there may be redevelopment overnight. We're in a flash flood watch till early tomorrow morning. Some towns and counties south and east of us are already experiencing flooding.

OK, I'm going to stop complaining now and be thankful I live on high ground. I will pray again tonight for rain and cooler temperatures for all of my dear blogging friends burning up in Canada, and the eastern and southeastern U.S. If there was any way I could send this to you, I sure would.


Mary said...

When it rains, it pours, Ruth. You needed the rain and maybe soon it will soak in and the sun will shine.

Your photos are good! I see we have the same hummer feeder :o) I also bought the new WBU thistle feeder for the goldfinches last week. It's great! I haven't needed to clean it yet but it will be easy - the bottom snaps off. Awesome!

I have news for you. It's 75 degrees right now at 9:45 p.m.! We wake up at 5:30 a.m. seeing 82 usually. So, maybe it's an omen?

Forecast for the week: 99, 99, 101, 99, 99, chance of a thunderstorm on Thursday. Can't wait!

Anna said...

Wow! So much rain in 1 day. Poor Shelby didn't want to go outside all day. I ran in to Rochester late this afternoon and stopped at McMurphy's to see Kathy. I usually leave Roch on 11th Ave (past Mayo High) and when I went to turn there, the street was completely flooded. There were a couple of cars parked in the street and there was water up to their windows!! Obviously, I didn't try to drive through that and had to do a quick turn-around in the intersection. I made a quick call to law enforcement to notify them since there was no one around to close the street. A couple vehicles were trying to drive through the water. I guess they've never heard of "turn around-don't drown"!

MOM said...

Glub-Glub-Glub, 4.87in of rain here in Wykoff, our culverts are full, there is a lot of standing water every where. Today was Wilder Fest in Spring Valley, I think a lot of things were rained out. We in this area would like to share this bountiful rain with those who need it so bad, this definitely ends our drought. It is moving east and a little south.


Jayne said...

98-102 here in the shade with no rain in sight....sigh.... the vision of all that water makes me long for early spring again or an earlier fall this year. I am sick and tired of hot and dry. Dusty, hot, humid, dry, dry, dry.... ugh.

RuthieJ said...

It was a wild night! Had the police scanner on by my bed and listened to all the flash flood warnings with associated evacuations and road closures. The Red Cross had at least 8 flood shelters opened during the night. It seemed like the lightning, thunder and rain never stopped. My rain rauge only measures up to 5" and there's about another inch of space above that last measurement...when I got up this morning, it was almost full to the top but not overflowing (and it's raining again!)

Anonymous said...

Are you ok down there? We had over 5 1/2" here in waterville, MN last ight. Just looked at the radar and there's moe on gthe way. Keep safe.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Cindy,
There is some flooding in Rochester but everything's OK here...I live on top of a hill (south of Rochester), so not even any water in the basement. But you guys in LeSueur county are still in a flash flood watch also, right?
As I'm sure you saw on tonight's news, it was much worse farther southeast of us (Winona and Houston counties).
Thank you for your concern. You stay safe too!