Friday, August 3, 2007

Rain On The Way?

Well, there it is.....what we've been waiting, hoping and praying for.....rain! According to the weather forecasters, sometime in the next 12-24 hours, we could receive a significant amount of rain. This system has been sitting over South Dakota for a good part of the day (guaranteeing an unpleasant ride for those hardy bikers traveling from the east to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally).

In advance of this weather system, clouds have started to move into southeastern Minnesota, giving us this beautiful sunset.

My garden is doing pretty good since I've started the daily waterings.

But the rest of my poor yard is really starting to look pretty sad.
The dark green vegetation right down in the front of this picture is weeds and the darker green strip in the open area above that is where the drain field for our septic system is located.

We haven't had any significant rainfall in our area for many weeks and tonight the news showed that our area has been upgraded to severe drought level. Farmers will also appreciate this rain as the crops are now at the critical stage where yields will be adversely affected due to lack of moisture.


Body Soul Spirit said...

We are in desperate need of rain here in SW Ontario. Any rain has tracked to the south shores of Lake Erie and Ontario. And we are allowed to water only one day a week. My garden has really suffered, but I am not a farmer.

RuthieJ said...

Ruth, it sounds like you're in much worse shape than we are (I haven't heard of any watering bans in our area.)
Our weather forecast says this front may turn northerly after the weekend, so hopefully some rain will be coming your way soon also.

MOM said...

Your garden looks pretty good with all the watering, but you can join the crowd with the lawn situation. Dad mowed the other day, just to get rid of the weeds, that in some places were 2 ft tall. Why is it that weeds grow but the good stuff withers? nice pix.

Mary C said...

Ruthie - I sure hope you got the rain by now. Did you? And how are your monarchs doing?