Monday, October 29, 2007

A Baby At Our House

My sissy and her daughter stopped over for a short visit this evening. They brought along baby Ethan. He was sleeping in his carrier and covered by a blanket when they arrived. Daisy was pretty interested in sniffing the blanket covering the carrier--probably because it smelled like her cousin Shelby (my sister's dog).

My niece set Ethan on the couch in his carrier and then he started crying. I wish I could have captured Daisy's reaction with my camera because it was so funny. I can't recall that she's ever seen a baby or heard one cry before! She got all wiggly and stretched her nose way out to the baby carrier but wouldn't walk too close to the couch. She seemed really concerned and kept looking back at us to see if we knew what was going on.

Ethan's wearing his "Trick or Treat" Tigger suit.

My niece lifted Ethan out of the carrier and Daisy got to take a little sniff of him then. Once he stopped making noise, Daisy decided he wasn't very interesting anymore and went back to sit in her chair. Dogs are so funny!


Cathy said...

Awwwww. This is sweet. I love to watch pups react to babies.

Trixie said...

We have a cat who will track us down in the house to let us know the baby is crying!

Sweet Daisy. Good girl.

Jayne said...

Awww, what a cute Tigger Ethan is! Dogs do seem to sense when the beebies need something. I remember our dog getting all upset when Sam would cry as if she wanted to help calm him down.

RuthieJ said...

I knew you girls would appreciate this story. My sissy says sometimes at home when they put Ethan in his crib, Shelby the dog will go in and check on him and then come out to my sister as if to say, "did you know you left that baby in the crib?"
I think it's amazing how the pets sense things.

MOM said...

Our kitty Boris is always interested when Ethan-Jon comes, especially when his mom lays him on the floor on a blanket, he gets the sniff test. It is fun to see how animals react to a baby. I'm sure Ethan-Jon will have fun trick-or-treating on Halloween.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I bet Daisy was wondering just what kind of cat that was?? Cute.

My Sister's dog licks her great grandson who is 9mos old. Yuck. she worries about him when he cries too. She looks at everyone as if to say "help that baby".

KGMom said...

I think Daisy might have been thinking the baby was a possible pup. They do make similar noises. Or she may just have been curious.

Meggie said...

Sweet story. My girl, Onyx, does likewise when there are visiting babies around my house. It's so a different from the normal quiet around the house normally. Dogs certainly do have a unique sense about things.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mom,
It will be interesting to see what Boris does when Ethan gets big enough to start touching him. Sophie was just scared and hid behind my legs.

Hi Lisa,
I bet she was wondering!! Daisy's getting a little deaf in her old age, but she heard Ethan crying right away; it must have been quite startling for her.

Hi Donna,
She seemed to be very curious. I don't think she was expecting that blanket to make such a noise!

Hi Meggie,
It's always pretty quiet around our house too. Daisy's a pretty mellow dog--even with most other dogs.

nina said...

Franklin sits right up and comes to the computer when I play bird calls from it--it makes me wonder what HE hears--probably a frequency that I'm unaware of, but rouses him from a deep sleep.

Those cries may register almost instinctually with Daisy. I think babies are "designed" to survive, and their sounds may be universally alerting--for their safety?