Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sorry Dear, Not Tonight

I have pictures filed for a couple posts, but I'm not feeling very ambitious tonight, so there's not going to be a post. However, my sissy sent me this very cute photo of her grandson (my grand-nephew) in his Halloween costume and I thought it would be fun to share.

This is Ethan, he was born 8-29-07


Susie said...

He's adorable and looks big for 2 months!
I'm sure he'll brighten Halloween for his family!!

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

I agree with Susie. Big guy for two months!

And everyone needs a night off, Ruthie. BTW, thanks for your comments and advice on the birds-gone problem over here. I head to the bird store tomorrow to get a new fixture part. (Happily, a slow work day).

Take care,
Robin (Bumblebee)

Trixie said...

He looks soooo cute! I'm sure he will enjoy all the candy. ;-)

MOM said...

What a little pumpkin, he looks so big in the rocking chair. That is such an adorable picture of Ethan-Jon. He is a joy for all of us.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Susie,
He was 8 lbs and 14 oz. at birth. I think he's added at least 2-3 lbs. since then.

Hi Robin,
I hope your birds make a comeback soon and some of those solutions work for you. That's the thing with nature....you just can't always figure out what's going to happen. Enjoy your slow work day!

Hi Trixie,
He's quite the little guy. I think I'll have to knit him some mittens quick to match his outfit.

Hi Mom,
You got that picture in your in-box too, didn't you? Was he smiling or was it just gas??

Maud said...


Jayne said...

What a sweet punkin!

Mary said...

He does look like a big boy at 2 months! Maybe it's the punkin costume! Cute!

Anna (your sissy) said...

Thanks to all for the nice comments about my grandbaby. He is sweet. He looks bigger in the chair than he really is and I had to take the picture quickly because he was about to topple over! He will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and weighs around 12&1/2 lbs. And yes, he was smiling, not just gassy. He usually cries when he has gas :)

Larry said...

cute photo-I'm cooked too.