Saturday, October 27, 2007

Doe and Fawn

Late this afternoon, I took these photos of a doe and fawn from my treestand in the woods. I heard something coming up the hill that sounded like a deer and finally these two came into my view. I relaxed and set my bow down so I could grab my camera and take some pictures. There's no way I'm going to shoot a doe when she has her fawn with her. I would rather have an empty freezer than do something like that.

Almost all the leaves have fallen from the trees, so it's easy to hear them coming if the wind isn't blowing too hard. (time to use the zoom)

This is the mom.

Here's the fawn in the foreground and the mom (ever watchful) in the background.

Mom and fawn are usually not too far apart.

I loved the opportunity to see this--mom giving fawn's ear a cleaning.

The fawn was already quite a ways up the hill past me, so I made a noise to see what the mom would do. She couldn't tell what I was up in the tree, but she definitely knew something wasn't quite right. I got a couple foot stomps from her and then she ran up the hill to the fawn and they both headed out to the cornfield for some supper.


mon@rch said...

Ruth, Love the pictures and I also love watching them stomp their legs!

Meggie said...

Ruth: great shots of doe and fawn. So glad you decided to let mom stay with her baby...not sure the next hunter will be so considerate.

MOM said...

Wow Ruth those are great pixs of mom and fawn. I can't believe how well they blend in with the surroundings, didn't think they would be that grey already. I had a hard time finding the 2 of them in the first pix, what camoflage. These are great pixs from the woods thank you, thank you!!
I'm saving my money so I can buy a digital camera with a zoom, I've got money from my birthday to start with.

Ruth said...

You are a thoughtful hunter, using your camera instead of your bow. What nice pictures. We still have some leaves compared to your bare trees.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mon@rch,
That foot stomping always give me a chuckle too--especially when it's done so fiercely by a fawn!

Hi Meggie,
Our firearms deer opener is next Saturday. Ugh-I'm dreading that. The area where we bowhunt is on private land, but all the rules seem to disappear when those dipshits with guns head out into the woods on opening weekend.

Hi Mom,
I thought you might like to see those pictures. The deer have gotten really dark again for winter. I'm glad you're getting a digital camera. Shopko had a nice selection the last time I was in there.

Hi Ruth,
We had some big winds last week and also frost the last 2 nights, so the leaves are almost gone on all the trees now.

Marsha said...

Great shots! I'm not the hunter in the family my husband is but I always say I would love to come along (he says I would "talk" too much!) and "shoot" wildlife like this with my camera.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Interesting photos. I used to hear all kinds of stories from the guys that I worked with about the wildlife they would see while sitting in a deer blind. I am glad you had a camera with you to record the action.

MOM said...

Ruthie, your shoots are the best, not a shot to be heard. Will you and Rick be out in the woods when shot-gun season opens? Then I start to get anxious for you 2.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Marsha,
I've hunted with my husband ever since we got married (27 years). If I didn't go with him there would be 3 months of every year that I would barely see him. I'm a "fair weather" hunter....only out there on the nice days, but he enjoys having me come along and I have learned so much and seen some amazing things while sitting out on my deer stand.

Hi Lisa,
I'm trying to remember to take pictures when I see good stuff....mainly to share in my blog. We have a trail camera out there too and have gotten some fabulous pictures on there--especially at night.

Hi Mom,
Shotgun season starts next Saturday in our zone. I'm definitely NOT going to be out there, but I think Rick will probably go if we don't get any more deer this week with our bows.

Jennifer said...

By your thoughtfulness you ensure more deer next year... I don't hunt (yet?) but my friend does and I keep hoping he'll get a deer... I've never cooked venison... I'd like to try.

Jayne said...

Awwww...pure sweetness!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Jennifer,
If you ever do decide to try deer hunting, I would recommend archery--since you already are comfortable in and know the ways of the woods. Bowhunting is nice because the weather is usually decent earlier in the season and there's no worry about being shot at with a gun. Bowhunters MUST be able to see the deer before they take a shot--not shoot at a "suspected deer noise" like some of the hunters with guns do around here.
Let me know if you get some venison--I have some good ways to fix it.

Hi Jayne,
I thought you might enjoy the picture of the ear licking! It was sweet to see them together.

Trixie said...

Lovely, just lovely. I sure wish we had deer here. There is talk of one Sitka black tailed living in Kincaid park, but nothing definitive.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

barefoot gardener said...

Fabulous pictures! Times like that must be the most wonderful part of hunting! Thank you for sharing.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Trixie,
....and I sure wish we had moose here! I suppose it's too cold and too much snow for deer to survive in your area? I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures, it was sure fun taking them.

Hi BG,
You're right--seeing stuff like this is the best part of hunting. It was such a beautiful evening too--quiet and calm and not cold. On this particular afternoon, I also got to see a red fox chasing a squirrel and the pileated woodpecker fly home to its hole in the tree.

Mary said...

Awww...Mother and Child - so sweet. Lovely photos, Ruthie - I enlarged each. I've seen too many deer on the roadside. It's good to see the lovelies so alive :o)

Cathy said...

I'll ditto sweet Mary's comments. These pictures are awesome.

LauraHinNJ said...

Glad to read that you appreciated the chance to see them up close - instead of the alternative.