Sunday, October 7, 2007

More Bluejays & Mittens

Well, I hope you're not sick of bluejays yet.....because here are some more.

Bluejays don't posess the natural ability to cling like the chickadees, nuthatches and woodpeckers, so that's why this peanut wreath is so much more of a challenge for them.

Some of the bluejays are smart enough to figure out if they perch inside the circle, it's quite easy to choose a peanut.

As the level of the peanuts goes down within the wreath, it becomes more difficult to choose a peanut while clinging to the outside of the spiral wire.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The two-session mitten class I'm teaching starts this Thursday. I needed to get my example mittens finished so I could drop them off at the yarn shop yesterday morning (so people know what they're going to be working on). The half-mitts are going to be the bonus pattern they get for taking this class.

I have to say it was a little weird sitting in the window watching birds while knitting on wool mittens and the window thermometer said 79 degrees! Most definitely not mitten weather.

I'll be typing up the mittens and half-mitts pattern today. If anyone would like a copy, please let me know via e-mail or in the "comments" section.


MOM said...

Blue Jays are the comedians of the birding world, don't you love their antics.
Mittens are wonderful they keep your fingers warm when shoveling snow or running the snow blower. The colors on yours are perfect, such a nice contrast to our dark winter coats. This should be a cool class to work with, people who want to learn something new.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mom,
The mittens on the left are going to be donated (along with a matching headband) to the "Christmas Trees & More" silent auction. The half-mitts will probably go to someone as a gift.

I'm looking forward to the's on your birthday, but I'll stop by to see you afterwards.

mon@rch said...

That is such a great Bluejay feeder and I just know they are going to love it!

Mary said...


That blue jay in the middle of the feeder is so good! What type of zoom are you using to get such a sharp photo??? I love Blue Jays. They are here in NC but I've never seen one around here. It was the first bird I remember IDing as a child - my Mom loved them but hated the way they attacked her cat.

KGMom said...

You may yet persuade me to like bluejays--I fall into that category that thinks they are only noisy and mean.
You are so right it is not mitten weather. Yecchhh--90 degrees in October--come on, autumn.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mon@rch,
Bluejays are so clever. I think they love peanuts more than anything!

Hi Mary,
That bluejay picture was just pure luck! It was one of about 20 I tried taking through the window and I can't figure out how to override the Autofocus feature to get decent pictures through the window. I'm glad at least one turned out.

Hi Donna,
Bluejays are noisy, but I don't think they're really that mean, just big and when they fly in to the feeding station screaming "jay, jay" the other littler birds know to get out of their way. I just divert their attention with peanuts and another open tray feeder farther away and they will generally eat at those feeders.

Trixie said...

Hi Ruthie!

I read your blog last night at work, but I cannot comment due to the meanies at work restricting us!

I would love the pattern, I want to make some half-mitts for friends at work. We work in a warehouse that gets C*O*L*D in winter. Yet we have to still type.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Trixie,
I'll mail you the pattern. You will like the half-mitts. In a previous job they used to turn the thermostat really low at night and it was about 60 degrees when I got to work in the morning. The half-mitts kept my hands warm till the furnace and spotlights warmed the store up to a decent temperature.

Ruth said...

You can count me in on the half-mitten pattern too. I have had trouble finding the gloves that fold back lately. Nice picture of the Blue Jay. Takes all kinds to make a world. We have to love the Jays too!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Ruth,
Will do. I also wear the half-mitts over top of lighter weight gloves when I need some extra warmth on my hands on those extra cold days.

Marsha said...

Hi, greetings from a fellow Minnesotan...I found your blog through Jayne's blogroll.

Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading it. I too love the bluejays and the antics they provide me waiting for and getting their daily peanut allowance. I have a few that "call" me out in the am waiting for the peanuts. I have the same wire wreath feeder but only use it in the winter when I am too cozy in my warm house to go out and feed peanuts every day :-)

Your knitting is amazing!