Saturday, October 20, 2007

Outside Saturday

Well, it finally stopped raining here and we were able to enjoy most of this Saturday outside. Because the freezer is almost empty of venison and the weather was going to be terrific, today was a deer hunting day. We were outside almost the entire day....from 5:30 this morning till about 7:00 this evening.

I enjoyed the sunrise from my treestand this morning.

And watched the sun set from another tree stand a couple miles down the road.

Unfortunately, the deer didn't receive the memo about it being a deer hunting day because I never saw a single deer the entire time I was out there! Maybe they were off somewhere just enjoying a rain free day also.

I was surprised to see quite a few yellow-rumped warblers around the field edge later this afternoon. My warbler field guide says they should be migrating through Minnesota by September 20, so these guys were kind of behind schedule. I suppose our unusually mild fall weather is still providing them with abundant food sources, so they should be okay for a while yet.

On our way home from our morning hunt, we drove past a little farm and I saw they had a few buffalo. As we were driving past slowly, I saw something.....

"Rick, Rick, stop the car and back up, I think there's a baby buffalo" I yelled. (loud sigh and some eye-rolling from Rick)

Isn't it cute? I don't think this little baby is very old.

I hope it makes it through the winter okay. Buffalo are a little bit hardier than beef or dairy cattle aren't they? Or have they lost all those wild genes that helped them to survive on the Great Plains 150 years ago?

So even if I didn't see any deer today, seeing this baby buffalo and lots of good birds made it a good "outside Saturday."


Jayne said...

HOW sweeeeeet! Glad you stopped the car. :c) Haven't seen the yellow-rumps down here at all yet, so they probably will be later in coming.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

AAAAAwwwww. Tell Rick he can enjoy his eye rolling all he wants. What a sweet moment.

And aren't you clever for having your camera along?!?

--Robin (Bumblebee)

Lynne said...

We saw bison a few years ago camping at Blue Mounds State Park. They were magnificent and I could barely take my eyes off them. I have to admit that they frightened me more that just a little, and I can't exacly say why. We could feel the ground shake when just a few of them ran. What would it feel like if a herd of hundreds- or THOUSANDS of them ran?? That little baby is amazing, so small. But that mama is pure mass.

barefoot gardener said...

How cute!
Baby should be just fine this winter. After all, look at all that fur on Momma! If nothing else, baby can just cuddle up to that.

Mary T said...

Hi Ruth, thanks so much for visiting my little garden blog.
I love your blog!
I especially love the baby cowie (my own name for them)

Wish we were neighbors, you could help me with the circular needles I have to use to do the little purse pattern I got for my daughter. I used to live in Fargo, ND, and worked at Nordic Needle there--I bet you and I have alot of common ground. Hope you stop by again, I will. Mary t

mon@rch said...

Love the Bison shots and the stunning Sunset picture! Keep up the great work!

KGMom said...

Actually, the deer you were looking for may be in my back yard! Honestly, we live in a very developed suburban area, and we have a small group of about 6 deer that people have seen multiple times. Two night ago, my husband and our dog encountered two coming out of our back yard!

MOM said...

Adore the scenery pixs, how beautiful, sunrise to sunset. I don't think I could get that close to a buffalo and calf just to take a picture they scarce me even when they look so docile.
Glad you had the whole day outside, I know I would have enjoyed myself it was such a gorgeous day. All to soon these beatiful days will end, sigh!

Mary said...

Precious! I'm so glad you stopped... Hey, I got eye-rolling from my spousal unit when I made him stop for a chicken on a parking lot.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Jayne,
That baby was pretty cute. It's amazing something that small can grow into an animal so huge.

Hi Robin,
He should be used to it by now, only usually when he has to stop and back up it's for a bird!

We were on our way home from hunting and I always have my camera along in the woods (where I know I'll see something interesting to photograph).

Hi Lynne,
I love Blue Mounds State Park and have seen many cool birds and butterflies there. I've only seen a small portion of their buffalo herd though. It's really neat to see them grazing on the prairie.

Hi BG,
I guess since we sure don't have the tough winters like we used to, I shouldn't worry about this little one anyway, right?

Hi Mary T,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Were you by chance living in Fargo in the mid-90's? Our paths may have crossed when I was exhibiting my knitting at the Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival for a couple years. I visited the Nordic Needle also and picked up some hardanger supplies.

Hi Mon@rch,
Thanks for your kind words.

Hi Donna,
I have some deer in my backyard too, but they only show up under the cover of darkness to eat apples and birdseed. I suppose they're munching on all the wrong things in your neighborhood??

Hi Mom,
When I was taking the picture (from the car!) every so often that mom would make a grunt/growl kind of noise. It sounded threatening, but maybe that's just the sound they always make. The baby didn't make any noise at all.

Hi Mary,
I remember that chicken! It's nice that they always stop though (in spite of the "inconvenience")

Sissy said...

How cute. That's on HUGE mommy.

Trixie said...

What a gorgeous day, from beginning to end. Sorry you did not get your deer. The bebe is soooo cute. Vivi wants one now. She is asking for a buffalo calf for Christmas.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Sissy,
You don't realize how huge the adults are till you see them up close. Those horns are pretty sharp too. That's one Mama I wouldn't want to mess with.

Hi Trixie,
The weather's supposed to be closer to "normal" this week. I can bowhunt for deer till the end of December, but I like to try and get my deer before the temps go below freezing and those deer-hunting maniacs with shotguns hit the woods in a couple weeks.

I think a buffalo calf would be an excellent gift....and you could still put a chickadee in Vivi's stocking! (those girls must crack you up all the time :-D

Larry said...

That is a nice photo.-What I nice sight to see! It kind of makes feel guilty over all the buffalo burgeres i've eaten.

RuthieJ said...

Aw Larry, don't feel guilty! When I'm eating a venison steak I try not to think about how cute those fawns were too! ;-)