Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Note From Mom

Dear Blogging Friends,
Below is a note from my mom sent to my e-mail last Wednesday (regarding her upcoming surgery). I, too, believe in the power of prayer and also ask that you please remember "Nature Knitter's Mom" in your prayers. I'll keep you posted on her progress and recovery. I'll miss her on my "comments" page until she's feeling better and able to get back to the computer again. I'm sure she's going to miss reading everyone's blogs also, so I'll keep her posted on what's going on in our "blogging family."

Thanks so much!

Hi All,

Wednesday was an all day at Mayo Clinic getting ready for surgery. Good news I passed all my tests, so the next step is Wed Oct. 10th, I will have my left knee replaced, in Rochester Methodist Hosp. If you are so inclined, I would appreciate a prayer or two on my behalf, I firmly believe in prayer because God does answer prayer.



Lynne said...

God bless you with a successful surgery and a swift recovery.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Nature Knitters Mom,

You are at the right place for your surgery. Non better in the world. The whole Mayo health system is the best. They saved my life, my dad's life, my uncles life, and countless other friends and relatives. You will find the staff at the hospital the most kind and giving anywhere. God bless and you will be in my prayers. I agree... they do work!


Maud said...

I'll keep your mum in my thoughts. Good luck with the surgery, and fast recovery!

Ruth said...

I will be remembering her too! I would say that 90% of my patients who go through a TKJR have a good result. The surgery is VERY painful initially, especially the therapy part. But after 2-4 weeks, people are glad they had it done. I am sure she will receive the best of care.

Jayne said...

My mom had her right knee done back in 1996 and did great! You will too! Prayers will ascend just the same for a wonderful outcome and recovery.

RuthieJ said...

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Mom has had 3 hip replacements, so hopefully, this joint replacement surgery will go well also. At least she has an idea of what to expect and how to take care of everything when she gets home. She's having the same orthopedic surgeon who did her last hip replacement (and Dad's too!) and she likes him very much. I'm hoping once she recovers she will be able to walk better and without so much pain.

Mary said...

Dear Nature Knitters Mom,

It sounds like you are ready to go and will heal quickly! I'll look for updates from Ruthie. I have only heard of success stories after the surgery. Best wishes!


RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
Here's the latest.....the surgery went well and she was in the recovery room around 1:30 PM. I will stop by a little later this evening once she's more awake and check up on how she's doing.

Tomorrow is Mom's 70th birthday. Her surgery was originally scheduled for last week, but the surgeon had a conflict, so she will spend her birthday in the hospital.

Mary said...

Good news, Ruthie! Let us know more. She'll no doubt have some pain, but from what I gather, she's a healthy MOM and will be fine!!! Keep your chin up and hers, too :o)

Mary said...

Oh, and wish her a Happy Birthday! Take CAKE with you.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mare,
She didn't get a chance to read this blog post I did for her and I can tell she's missing the blogs already. Unfortunately no one in the family has a laptop PC to share with her either, so she'll have lots of catching up to do when she gets home.

I'll relay the birthday wishes along with the cake tomorrow. Thank you!

Susie said...

Hi Ruthie,
Although your Mom's surgery is now over, I'm sending her prayers for a swift and comfortable recovery. Also sending her birthday wishes!