Monday, March 12, 2007

Good-bye Ol' Man Winter

Good-Bye Winter -- you've overstayed your welcome & we're all happy to see you go!

Wow, what a difference 24 hours of temps above freezing can do to a lot of snow. Dog & pheasant both revealed plus lots of bare spots in the snow. The birds are certainly happy (at least, that's how I choose to interpret all the chirping going on). Mom called this morning to say she has flocks of robins in her yard. I haven't heard or seen any yet, but this news makes me optimistic.

It's very hazy/foggy due to all the moisture in the air from melting snow. The farther out in the country you get the foggier it gets.

The only bad thing about thing about spring is once the snow melts everything that was hidden by snow is revealed: piles of old bird seed & sunflower seed shells, corncobs, and landmines of dog poop left by Daisy & Sophie over the last 2-1/2 weeks. I know what I'll be doing once things dry up a little bit more . . .

While I was posting today's message, Mr. Cardinal & Mr. House Finch showed up for a snack. "Happy to oblige, my feathered friends! Thank you & please come again."

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