Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More Signs of Spring

Yesterday our high temp was 81 degrees -- a record breaker for March 27th. Today was not quite as warm, but still afternoon highs in the mid 60's. You have to look really hard to find snow left anywhere . . . we've found it only in the most shadiest, sheltered spots and there's not much left even there.

Signs of spring are all around. I found these 3 little white crocus blooming in my flower bed today.

Also some of my perennials are starting to sprout in the butterfly/hummingbird perennial flower bed on the southeast side of the house.


Tall Blue Phlox


And out in the yard, my daffodils have started coming up too.

Warm spring weather also means spring storms. Here are some storm clouds I photographed yesterday evening. They were far to the east of us -- we didn't even get a sprinkle, but they certainly looked impressive with the last of the evening sun shining on them.

While walking out in the yard with Sophie this afternoon, I came upon these tracks in the soft ground. I was wondering how many bunnies we had now because they seemed to be eating an awful lot of corn every night. Now I know why all that corn is disappearing so fast . . . the deer are coming back. We haven't seen them yet, but they're definitely leaving their marks.

And last, but not least, Mr. Ring-Neck is still in the neighborhood. I saw him out in the yard from the supper table. He made a big tour of the yard and finally remembered where he had gotten his vittles during the snow.

What a treat to still see him around.


Laura Erickson said...

Hey--I was looking at those exact same clouds yesterday!!

RuthieJ said...

Laura, I watched them driving home from your book signing & hoped the light would still be adequate for photos by the time I got home . . . and it was! The best thing about nature is it's always free, we just have to look for it!