Monday, March 19, 2007

Whose Chair Is It?

Daisy loves our living room recliner. It's close to the patio door so she can watch outside and a it's in a good spot to soak up the afternoon sun. She just fits in the chair when she's all curled up. The problem is it's right by the lamp where Rick likes to read his newspaper and hunting magazines--plus it's right in front of the TV (and "Deal or No Deal"). If someone is in the chair and Daisy wants to use it, she will sit in front of you and stare at you until you either move or she gives up and goes to the couch instead. Here is the sequence of events showing Daisy's acquisition of "the best seat in the house."

"Excuse me Dad, but I'd really like to sit in that chair now if you don't mind."

"Now, a few turns to find the perfect spot for sleeping."

"Aaahh, just right! Please wake me when it's time for the walk."

Do we have the most spoiled dogs in the world? No probably not, just the most spoiled dogs in the neighborhood. On April 11th, Daisy will be 14 years old. Now that she's in her "golden years" we let her get away with more stuff than she used to because we don't know how many more years we'll have her around and even though she's spoiled, she's not bratty (like Sophie!)

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