Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

Today (March 7th) is my baby brother Philip's 43rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Phil! I hope you enjoyed a sunny, warm day playing golf in California.

This is a picture of Philip and Charlie (learning to pet a snake) from a visit to Minnesota a couple years ago.

We don't get to see them often enough . . . California is so far away and the plane tickets are so costly. Philip and Charlie came to visit us last fall. On the next to last day of their visit (September 24), the Minnesota weather finally warmed up and I drove Dad, Philip, and Charlie to visit the Mid-Continent Railroad Museum in North Freedom, Wisconsin where we looked at old steam trains and took a train ride.

Watchin' the countryside roll by from the door of the baggage car (notice Charlie has the deluxe milk can seat!)

Grampa, Charlie & Philip in front of a big steam locomotive and coal tender.

Next summer when they come from California for a visit, hopefully we can visit the railroad museum in Boone, IA and ride their steam locomotive train too.

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