Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Welcome Back Robins

The robins finally arrived back in our yard late this afternoon. What a pleasure to hear them chirping from the top of the big maple tree in the front yard. There were also large flocks of grackles and starlings pecking around when we got home from work. Time to get the cages out to put over the tube feeders! Sorry grackles and starlings, but you're going to be limited to tray feeders only - no sunflower hearts and peanuts for you!

The sun was out most of the day and we've been above freezing now since Sunday morning. The snow is almost all gone and the ground is even starting to dry up a little in the high spots, allowing me the "opportunity" to begin dog poop removal. Now I won't have to watch every step I take . . .

Dog and pheasant revealed . . . finally!

It was a real treat to drive home from work with the car window open. Everyone's got spring fever! I suppose we'll probably see a little more winter, after all it's only March 13th, but this little preview of spring will keep us going till warmer weather finally arrives to stay.

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