Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hello Kitty

Poor starving kitty . . . here's Penny waiting patiently by her food dish. This is what we saw when we got home from work today. This is where she's usually posted when we get up in the morning and when we get home from work. Obviously she's not starving, but food is a very important part of her life. Every time she has her check-up with the vet, the weight is an issue. We need to cut back on her food, the vet tells us. She's just big-boned, we tell the vet. She's supposed to get 1/8 cup in the morning and 1/8 cup in the afternoon. Of course, Rick always feels sorry for her and gives her an extra scoop. She also gets a quarter of a can of Fancy Feast (about a tablespoon) while I'm making supper; this keeps her from begging for whatever I'm fixing in the kitchen.

The vet is concerned about diabetes; but Penny seems to be healthy enough. She's 11 this month. She's a happy kitty and loves to lay in the sun and watch the birds at the window feeders. She would dearly love to go outside and chew on grass, but she's 99.9% an indoor cat. Sometimes I will let her out for a few minutes on the deck or in the backyard, but only when I'm out there to supervise her. Sometimes she catches a mouse in the house, but prefers to play with it and chase it around till it runs behind some furniture so she can't get it. Then I have to put traps out to catch the mouse myself (and remember to check the traps so I don't have to wonder what that awful smell is 3 weeks later).

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