Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rainy Saturday

Apologies to my faithful readers for not posting anything yesterday. We got up at 3 AM to be to work by 4:30 AM because it's the end of the quarter for IBM. Since Manpower is not allowing me to work overtime, I went in early to try and get the returned parts list to my suppliers in Czech Republic and Italy (because they're 6 hours ahead of us). It was a crazy day, but I got almost everything done and we left for home about 1 PM. I was too tired to figure out what to put on my blog, and I finally went to bed about 8:10.

This morning it was raining, and it sounds like it's going to be raining for most of the rest of the weekend.

There's lost of activity in the yard. The robins seem pretty happy because this rain is really bringing out the night crawlers. There's a whole lot of chirpin' going on.

The rain doesn't seem to cause any problems for birds getting their seed at the feeders, although I don't think they look happy with their bedraggled, wet feathers.

The cardinal showed up in the crabapple tree and tried really hard to pull one of the dried up apples off for a snack, but those old stems just aren't letting go. He flew away disappointed.

The bunny even showed up to try and find some corn for munching. It's sort of unusual to see the bunny out in the middle of the day and so close to the house. They're usually hiding out somewhere until later in the afternoon and into the evening. I saw this big bunny come hopping out from under the brush pile.

The squirrel put in its appearance for the day too. This squirrel is becoming a pretty regular visitor now. This squirrel is distinctive because when you see it from behind, its ears are really light (almost white). It's a very fat squirrel and has beautiful, soft-looking fur. I love the way it sits in the tray feeder and uses its tail as an umbrella.
The goldfinches are really starting to get their yellow feathers back. I'm still only seeing 1 or 2 at a time, but hopefully there will be more showing up soon.

I got this forged iron corn cob feeder at the Renaissance Festival many years ago. The bluejays eat corn from it all winter and today I discovered the grackles have figured out how to use it also.

The National Weather Service predicted about 2" of rain for us during this weekend. I think this is close enough for now. I'll be mowing lawn in a couple of weeks because everything's really starting to green up with the spring rains.

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