Saturday, January 3, 2015

Pennies from Heaven

Do you believe in Pennies from Heaven?  I had never heard the story until I was talking to my sister one day and told her about a penny I had found at the gas station on the day I was leaving for a trip.  "It's a penny from Dad!" she told me.  My dad had passed away only a couple months before and we were really missing him.  Then Sissy sent me a copy of the Pennies from Heaven story.

Now I'm a believer!  It's funny how when things are going bad at work or I just need a little pick me up, sure enough, I look down and there's a penny!  (sometimes even a nickel or a dime if it's a really bad day!)  I seem to be finding them most frequently at work these days.  A couple of my co-workers really try my patience some nights and just when I seem to be losing hope of getting everything done with very little help from my co-worker, I find a penny!  It's like Dad is there cheering me on.  I can almost hear his voice saying, "come on Ruth, finish it up, you've done it before and now you can do it again."  So even though Dad is gone now, I like to believe that he's still looking out for me from Heaven!