Monday, March 15, 2010

Some Finished Knitting Projects

Here are a couple of knitting projects I finished recently. First is the Brandywine Shawl designed by Rosemary Hill. I knitted it with 1 skein of Lana Grossa's Meilenweit Multiringel (a sock yarn). It's not a huge shawl -- more to just keep your shoulders warm or drape around your neck like a scarf. It was a pretty quick and easy shawl to knit. If you would like to try this pattern, you can purchase the pattern on-line by clicking this link. The pattern price is $6.50, and Rosemary is very generously donating $5.00 of the purchase price to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti earthquake relief. To date, Rosemary has sent over $7500 from sales of this pattern!
Here's a close-up look at the pattern. I'm donating this shawl to a silent auction for the Minnesota Master Naturalists annual meeting in May.

Next project is this Baltic mitten with a Twined Herringbone Edging on the cuff. I'm going to start teaching some more classes at my local yarn shop and this is one of the classes I'd like to teach, so I thought I'd better knit one up quick and take it in to show the owner and get her opinion on whether she thinks any knitters would be interested in taking this class.

It's feeling like spring here in Minnesota (finally!) Normally my knitting slows down a little bit this time of year, but I'm hoping with teaching more classes, I can keep my knitting mojo going through the summer.....I still have plenty of unfinished projects waiting for me!


Mel said...

Hola Ruthie :)
It's great to see your knittings, they are always great!
Tommy and I arrived to Cusco this morning, this is our final trip and it is all up to us now!
Will write more later :)
Take care!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have been so busy lately.The shawl is beautiful. The patter of holes makes it look lacy. The mitten is pretty too. Fun to see the deer in your yard again. Spring is trying to come in.

Beth said...

I always enjoy your knitting projects. Knitting is the one thing that I just can't seem to get right--I would love to purchase two pair of your Baltic mittens--do you sell to your adoring public? Let me know by email at Hoping you do!

Mama Pea said...

Great to see some of your knitted projects again. Both are gorgeous . . . especially love the mitten!

Anonymous said...

Those shawls are very pretty and useful, now that spring is coming. Something to wrap around your self to take the chill off. I wear mittens to keep my hands warm in the winter, I even have some driving mittens with suede palms and thumbs.


RuthieJ said...

Hi Mel,
I'm glad you and Tommy arrived in Cusco safely. Now your new life begins. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it. Best wishes and hugs to you and Tommy too!

Thanks Lisa. We enjoyed a high of 58 degrees this afternoon. It's been a nice preview of spring (unfortunately they're predicting snow for this coming weekend again!)

Thank you Beth. I do sell knitting through my Etsy store (you can get there through the link on my sidebar). I could sell you 2 pair of mittens, but this one in my post is the only one I have knitted up so far. I'll send you and e-mail.

Thanks Mama Pea. I was hoping to find some purple yarn in my stash, but had to settle for the blue. I was happy with how the mittens turned out too.

Thanks Mom. You can buy those leather palms for mittens. I have put them on some mittens I knitted in the past. Hopefully we can put our mittens away soon!

Taos Sunflower said...

I admire you just knitting those lace shawls like they're as easy as falling off a log! I need to lock myself in a closet with no distractions to do that!!! :0)

Bonnie said...

I’m not a knitter, but I appreciate the talent. This shawl is stunning. I love the colors. What a wonderful donation for Doctors Without Borders for Haiti and Minnesota Master Naturalists. As far as unfinished projects, I know the feeling! You just want to try it all.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Martie! This pattern was only an 8-row repeat with LOTS of garter stitch in between, so it went really fast. I'm sure you wouldn't have any trouble knitting it from the comfort of your couch!

Thanks Bonnie. My problem is that there are so many great patterns out there that I want to try! What I need to try and do is finish a couple old projects and then start a new project as a reward.