Monday, July 11, 2011

Cuteness Continued!

I saw that Richard featured a 2-part Cuteness post in his At The Water blog a couple weeks ago and here's my version of baby squirrel cuteness continued!

I first noticed a tiny red squirrel walking across the patio while I was downstairs ironing the other day and couldn't believe how small it was (even smaller than my chipmunks!)

I can't remember ever seeing such a little one before -- of course, up until this year, the red squirrels also weren't very common visitors in the backyard.

Yesterday I happened to spot this little one again and decided to take the camera outside and see if I could get some photos.

Not at all fearful of humans was this little one, so I was able to get within about 4 feet to take these photos.

I know they can be super naughty and also very destructive, but that doesn't take away from their cuteness, does it?

They're definitely fun to watch!

This one is my favorite and also my new desktop wallpaper.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

As cwhheky as they can be, instill think they are awfully cute!

Allen and Debby Graber said...

Adorable!! I have a similar feeder for birds and saw a squirrel on there the other day. But I have never seen a baby squirrel!

Gaelyn said...

Over the top Cute! And aren't all us animals naughty and destructive sometimes?

KGMom said...

SQUEEEEE worthy cuteness.
When I see such cute little critters, I wonder why I can't have one for a pet?

Richard said...

Got to love the little squirrels. My adult females are starting to look like it's time for the second batch for this summer.

Taos Sunflower said...

Ruthie: Well, this sure wins my Cuteness Award. It is just precious, in fact. I just think baby animals are all wonderful. Did I ever share with you the site about sloths? Check it out, they have some good little videos. Talk about cute! bye, Martie

RuthieJ said...

They sure are Lynne!

Hi Allen & Debby, this is the smallest baby squirrel I've ever seen in the wild. Most of the time they're teenager size when they start hanging around in the backyard. This little red one must be rather precocious!!

Thanks Gaelyn, and yes we certainly are! :-)

Thanks Donna. I always think the same thing, especially with that little raccoon I caught the other nite too. It would be fun to tame them (outside at least) so they would come to me for handfeeding of peanuts and other treats though.

Oh Richard, maybe your mama squirrels are just getting fat on your birdseed? In my Mammals of Minnesota field guide, Stan Tekiela says they only have one batch of babies per year....

Thanks for sharing the Slothville site Martie. They're adorable. I "liked" them on Facebook, so now I can see all the updates too.

Susan said...

What wonderful pictures! I have never seen a baby red squirrel - amazingly cute!

eileeninmd said...

Very cute! I do not think I have ever seen such a small squirrel. Great sighting and photos.

Mollie said...

Great photos of a really cute baby squirrel. Thanks for sharing!