Sunday, May 27, 2007

2 More Jobs Done

I completed two more projects on my list of things to do today: Cleaned out my little pond and got most of my garden planted.

My little pond is a small wading pool. I decided to go this route because it was inexpensive and for me, easy to maintain. Today I got it all cleaned out and refilled with clean water. I have an extension cord buried in the ground from the house to the pond and this is where the pump plugs in. It's definitely not up to code, but it works well for my situation and I'll pull it out whenever we move away from here. In previous years, I've had the fountain going through a birdbath basin so there was a place for birds who wanted to bathe. This year I've decided to leave that basin out and just added a small chunk of log instead. This will give the goldfish something to hide under and also provide a means of escape in case any little critters or birds fall into the water. I put some plants in there and it's all set. The fountain provides a nice running water sound. The water should be warm enough by tomorrow to put the goldfish back outside. I hope they like their new home.

I got my garden plot cleaned out, tilled up, and planted. Rick got me this little tiller a couple years ago and it works just great for my little garden. Plus I can carry it and start it all by myself.

I divide my garden into 9 sections. I have planted 3 tomato plants and 1 plant each of red pepper, zucchini, and burpless cucumber. I don't have anything for the 3 middle sections yet, but I would still like to put in some lettuce and onions. For now, I've just put down the landscaping fabric to slow down the weeds a little bit.

We really like tomatoes, so I always plant lots of them for eating and canning. I will freeze the zucchini and peppers that we don't eat right away. I've never tried planting cucumbers before, so I hope these turn out. My garden is organic. In the past, the birds have taken care of any bugs, because I've never had much problem with insect damage.

I got some really nice heavy-duty tomato cages -- 54" high. It's really windy up here and once the tomato plants get big and heavy, one good thunderstorm will usually blow them over. I think these tomato cages are going to work out really well. I got the bunny deterrent fence installed around the garden perimeter also.

All of my highbush cranberry bushes are blooming, plus the ox-eye daisies. It was very fragrant working out in the backyard on these projects today.


Body Soul Spirit said...

I do envy your yard! I met a lady picking high bush cranberries last year for jelly. She told me how to make it, but I haven't found a big bush of them yet. I love the foliage in the fall.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Ruth,
I didn't know humans could eat them--I just planted them for the birds. If you ever come across the recipe for jelly, would you please share it with me? My bushes yield lots of fruit and last year the birds didn't eat much of it, so I would like to try the jelly. Thanks!

Body Soul Spirit said...

I just put "highbush cranberry jelly" into Google and lots of recipes appeared. I cannot recommend any, as I have never had it.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks for the tip, Ruth. I'll do a Google search and pick out some to try.