Saturday, May 26, 2007

Flower Planting

I've finally gotten the spring planting fever. I went plant shopping yesterday and today and spent almost half a paycheck on flowers and garden plants!

I've got most of the flowers into pots. Some of them I put out on the deck. Most of these are to attract hummingbirds.

I have a couple of window boxes on the front of the house and I'm trying something new in them this year....different colored flowers with a vinca vine in the center. We'll see how this goes....I tried the vinca vine once before and it's just too windy up here and the vine kept blowing away when it got long enough to cascade over the planter.

I've got some flower pots out in front of the garage. Again, I'm going with lots of different colored flowers and some kind of viney green plant in the center. This area only gets early morning sun, so I'm going with some plants that hopefully will work well with shade.

I picked up some ivy geraniums also. Here's a pot with some really pretty dark red blossoms that will hang under my deck.

These other pretty pink and white ones are going to Dad for his birthday gift tomorrow. (Act surprised, Dad, if you read this before your birthday celebration tomorrow!)

I picked up a flat of red impatiens that will go in the flower bed along the front of the house. I ran out of time for planting today, but they will be in the ground before the weekend is over.

Here are some plants for my vegetable garden: 3 tomatoes, 1 pepper, 1 burpless cucumber, and 1 zucchini. My garden plot needs some work, so that project is also waiting till tomorrow or Monday.

I bought some new water plants and I have to get my little pond cleaned out and filled up also this weekend. It's a pretty small pond, so the wet/dry vac makes this task pretty quick. I'll get clean water in there, put in the little fountain, put in the plants, and then when the water warms up a bit, my goldfish can go back outside. They're getting really sick of swimming around in their little tank in the dining room.

Over by my little pond I also have a decorative pole with a hummingbird feeder and today I planted a purple wave petunia to hang on the other hook. Behind this pole you can see the giant jade plant I got from my dad. Because the jade plant is a succulent, it lives in my basement during the winter.

This is a huge plant and Dad got it when he first started teaching school, so it's probably about 50 years old!


Mary said...

Hi Ruth,

I had planned on flower planting this weekend but it looks like it will be next weekend instead. It's something that takes the whole day, right?

You have a lot going on around your house and I'm glad you'll get those goldfish outdoors :o)

Those jade plants: I bought one for a good friend as a housewarming gift in 1978. Cuttings from it have been distributed all over Maryland, but it died last year. It lived indoors. 28 years isn't bad!

Wish you Dad a happy birthday from Mary in blogosphere!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
Flower planting does take a long time, but it's definitely worth it because they're so beautiful. I had the bedroom window cracked this morning and sure enough, when I woke up this morning, I heard a hummingbird buzzing right outside for that red salvia in the window box.
That's a neat story about the jade plant and it's nice to know that even though yours died, a part of it probably lives on with someone else.
I'll relay your wishes to my dad.
Enjoy your weekend. :-)

Body Soul Spirit said...

You inspire me to get my planters filled. Last year I didn't get around to it until July 1st. You will have to show us pictures in 6 weeks or so when they are filled out.

Larry said...

I did most of my gardening this weekend.-I love having gardens but hate getting them started-.Looks like the hummingbirds will have a treat!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Ruth,
I will take some more pictures later on. I'm trying some different flowers for hummingbirds this summer, and I hope they work out well.

Hi Larry,
It does take so much longer than a person thinks once you get out there and start grubbing around in the dirt. Then before you know it you're spending lots of time weeding & watering.