Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Calm After the Storm

After I posted yesterday, we really got hit by the storm. Heavy rains with wind blowing the rain almost horizontal and hail (pea-sized to marble-sized) for approximately 10 minutes. We had 0.6" of rain in the gauge. The hail knocked a few flower buds off the crabapple and apple trees, but other than that, no other damage.

In the storm mode, I just finished reading a pretty good book: "Storm Warning - The Story of a Killer Tornado" by Nancy Mathis. I got this book from the public library and it was the story of a really serious tornado outbreak on May 3, 1999 with most of the damage in Oklahoma. This was a really good book with lots of background information on tornado formation and prediction. It also gave an extensive background on tornado classification and observations by Dr. Ted Fujita. If you have any interest at all in tornados, check this one out. (The only thing I didn't like about this book was that there were no pictures, so if you want to see pictures of tornadoes or tornado damage, you will be disappointed.)

Today is nice and sunny. The rain really helped make things grow. By tomorrow, with another sunny warm day, I think all the trees will be flowering. Here's a picture of the crabapple tree right outside the dining room window. You can see a lot of pink buds and a few of the blossoms have already started opening.

I think I'm hearing a few white-throated sparrows in the yard, but I haven't been able to spot them yet. My sister says there are tons of them in Stewartville (where she lives). She also just called a few minutes ago to report the first rose-breasted grosbeak in her yard. Lucky duck! Hopefully they will be along this way soon.

The cardinal has discovered he can get into the dinnerbell feeder to eat mealworms also. It's a little bit harder for him because he's such a big bird, but he's determined and hungry. He sits on the railing for quite a while gauging just how to get under the cover.

Once he gets inside, he eats a few worms and then hops out with a worm in his beak (that I'm guessing he takes to his mate). It's fun to watch him.

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