Monday, May 28, 2007

A Trip Around the Yard

I mowed the lawn today, but before I started I grabbed the camera and took a little trip around the yard on my trusty John Deere. Here are some of the things I found.

I found another mourning dove nest. This one is built much sturdier than the previous nest I found.

Here's how the "Grassland Bird Nesting Habitat Project" is looking. The grass has grown to about 8" in the unmowed areas. (I sure like not having to mow this!) There are lots of birds in this area and I'll be anxious to see if the Dickcissel I had in the area last summer comes back to this area again this summer.

Here are the baby bluebirds. They should fledge a little later this week. You can see some of their blue feathers starting to grow in. There are only 3 little ones left. I'm not sure what's happened because the last time I checked I couldn't get the Mom to leave the nest so I'm not sure how many were there at that time, but I know there were 4 hatched.

Here's a wren nest. She's nesting in one of my bluebird boxes. She has 3 eggs so far. They stuff the box with sticks, but the area where the nesting actually takes place is lined with grass and then feathers. This is the first time I've been able to see where the little wren sits and incubates her eggs. I also have another wren nesting in a house hanging in one of the apple trees. I sure like listening to them sing!

Here's the one squirrel who visits my yard. Earlier this morning I put a whole bunch (more than a dozen) of pecans in the shell out in this tray. She took every single one and buried them all in the yard.

While I was drinking my morning coffee I watched this little female hummingbird outside the dining room window. I have seen 2 females trying to use this feeder, but only 1 can be there at a time and I wasn't able to get a picture of both of them together.


Anonymous said...

I loved your pictures of the baby birds,those blue birds sure have grown, and look for another 4to 5 eggs in the wren nest. We've had as many as 8 babies in one nest and they all want to stick their heads out at one time. Did you have time to look at Julie's blog about Chet Baker. Hope you had a nice Memorial Day [mowing] ah I remember those mowing days all to well.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mom,
I did look at Julie's post about Chet Baker. It made me laugh out loud. Isn't he just the cutest little dog?
The mowing was all good. I didn't have to mow everything so it only took about 2 & 1/2 hours, plus Rick does all the clean-up and that's the part I hate most.

Mary said...


Those bluebirds look like they are ready now!

Do you enjoy the tractor? My husband calls it therapy to ride - as a matter of fact, when he retires he wants to mow golf courses.

I notice that little female is perched on the feeder. Neither of my feeders have perches and I'm thinking about adding one with. Will they perch long enough to allow a few photos or are they as fast zooming in and out without a perch? I have two pairs at the feeders now but only one visits at a time.

Nice post and pics!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
I love my lawn tractor. It has cruise control (which I never use), tilt steering, and a cup holder! I used to have push a mower around here, so riding is much easier and more relaxing. I think mowing would be a great job for a retiree.

All of my hummingbird feeders have perches. I was amazed when I found out that they will actually sit still on a perch and usually long enough to snap a picture.

Here's an experience I had a couple summers ago. The hummers usually come later in the evening (I think they top off the nectar tank before going to bed). Anyway, I watched to see which port she was drinking from most frequently. Then I rested my finger on top of that perch and the next time she came she actually perched on my finger! That was the coolest thing ever!
(I saw that idea in Birds & Blooms so I can't take credit for it.)

Larry said...

I've got to check on my wren nest.-Lovely yard you have!

mon@rch said...

looks like you had such a wonderful trip around the yard! Love the baby bluebird pictures and your shot of the hummingbirds!