Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Trees & More

The trees and shrubs I ordered in back in March finally arrived yesterday. This afternoon, Rick helped me dig the holes to plant the trees to block our view of the new truck center still under construction. I'm sure we won't be living here long enough to get the benefit of these trees growing up, but at least I feel like I'm doing something.

Here's the current progress on the construction. Yesterday, they started putting up the side beams. I'm really disappointed in the entire process with the township zoning and planning board. There was never any work stoppage and the follow-up meetings have been rescheduled twice because the board hasn't received a satisfactory response to the issues raised at the first meeting. There's another meeting scheduled for next Thursday night, but do they really want or value our input? I really feel like my time and energy was wasted on this whole process, because as I told the zoning board in my letter, it was a "done deal" before any of the residential property owners were notified.

Anyway, we planted 6 Hybrid Shade Poplar (catalog says they can grow 4-8 feet per year!) and one Green Ash (also listed as fast growing). I ordered the ash tree before the article in the paper about Green Ash Borer, and the catalog didn't say this one is resistant to that little critter, so I'm not sure how long it will last, but probably at least as long as I'm still living here (hopefully).

The trees are on the crest of the hill. You can maybe see some of the little orange flag marker flags or the dirt piled up around the edge of the hole where they're planted.

Here's another picture of the blossoms on the apple tree. They are so fragrant!

While I was standing out there taking pictures, I noticed something dark out the corner of my eye. A bird perhaps? When I took the camera away from my eye, I saw this little Red Admiral butterfly fluttering around the blossoms....and then it stopped to sip some nectar.....right in front of me! It stayed for several minutes, giving me ample time to snap several photos, but I think this is the best one. (This picture is also going to be the new desktop wallpaper on my computer.)

Don't you just love spring?

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