Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bad Day/Good Day

I had a sore, scratchy throat all day yesterday and my voice sounded like somebody who had a 2-pack a day habit for at least 35 years. I slept fitfully last night because my body was starting to get achy and I was coughing. Yuck....I hate being sick. I didn't have a fever, so I couldn't really be sick, right? So I forced myself to go to work for a couple hours this morning because I had some work that needed to be done today and with no paid sick time, 6 hours of unpaid leave was better than 8 hours. (this is the 'bad day' part)

I got home shortly before 8 AM, had a healthy breakfast of Tylenol and rhubarb cake a la mode, and crawled back into bed with the dogs for a long snooze. We got up and I watched birds and knitted for about an hour and then went down for another nap. I felt quite a bit better after that.

I have to get better before Friday morning because that's when we start turkey hunting and I can't be coughing and sniffling out in the blind.

The afternoon was spent with cups of tea, a couple of "chick flicks" and lots of therapeutic knitting. (this is the 'good day' part)

Here is the latest update on the Irish Diamond shawl I'm working on. I have about 52 more rows to go. Right now there are 598 stitches on this round and there's an increase of 8 stitches on every other round. I'm pretty sure I'm going to run out of yarn before I get it done, so I may have to adjust the pattern a little bit. I don't think anyone will notice and once I get it blocked, it will still be a good size for a nice and cozy shawl. I'm really enjoying working on this pattern. Just looking at the picture, I thought it was going to be a pretty complicated design, but it has been easy to work with since the pattern is the same on each panel section in the round.

In case you've forgotten, here's a picture of the shawl from the pattern book. I'm now out to where the pattern changes (if you can tell where that is from this picture).

It was sunny today, but quite windy again and only in the 60's, so I didn't spend much time outside except for taking the hounds out to do their business.

Penny and Daisy always enjoy sunbathing. The pets were very happy to have me come home early today.


Body Soul Spirit said...

Tea and rhubarb cake for breakfast would make me feel better too! I am not a knitter, except of the cotton dish cloths that require no concentration at all. My most ambitious project has been slippers. You must be a patient person to work on such a big, beautiful project.

RuthieJ said...

Knitting is my therapy. When I had my really stressful job at Mayo Clinic, sometimes I would just have to leave the office and go knit for 20 minutes to try and calm down. It almost always worked except it would really screw up my gauge for the first several rows till I relaxed!