Friday, May 4, 2007

Happy Friday

It was a dreary and showery day, with temps staying around 57 for most of the day. I can't complain though because when I talked to Brother Phil in California this morning he said it was raining and only 47 there, so we actually had much better weather here in Minnesota. Oh yeah, we have cheaper gas too.....$2.96 versus his $3.27. Ouch!

And in case we ask Brother Phil, "why is it again that you prefer living in California?" I have only to post this picture I took on April 11, 2007 (yes, less than a month ago) and here is the answer....

But, again, it's like all unpleasant and painful things.....after a while, when things are lovely and pleasant again.....we will forget about all the unpleasantness (at least for next 6-7 months or so).

Hopefully I will have some good bird and/or wildlife pictures to share with you here tomorrow.

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