Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Finding Time

I find that I'm having to do a lot more multi-tasking to get everything done after work now that spring is here. While our supper (hobo dinners--YUM!) was cooking on the grill I took advantage of the 40 minutes of cooking time to start planting some flowers in pots and then with a few minutes left, clean and refill the birdbaths (yes, that's plural--I have 6).

I figure if I buy my flowers in small quantities for several weeks, I will be able to accomplish the planting task without being overwhelmed. Tonight I planted just 4 pots' worth.

Some pretty pink and white dianthus, for the pot on the front pillar.

Some small red begonias for the pot by the front door (the sun never shines there!)

Two windowbox planters of apricot colored impatiens for the brick trim shelves on either side of the garage door.

These are pretty small plants yet, but it's early in the season and they should take off pretty good with a little TLC.

I still have some pansies left to plant, but that will have to wait for another day.

The crabapple tree by the deck is really starting to bloom now. I took another picture today for you because the weatherman is predicting some pretty strong winds for tomorrow and I'm not sure how many of these flowers are going to be blown away.

There are Harris' sparrows and white-crowned sparrows in the yard. I couldn't get a picture of the Harris', but here are a couple kinda' blurry pictures of the white-crowned sparrow.

While I was waiting for a Harris' sparrow to show up, I took a picture of this little chipping sparrow. I have lots of these little guys all over in the yard.

Mom sent an e-mail this morning saying she had several pairs of rose-breasted grosbeaks in her yard. I saw a male at my neighbor's feeder up the street on our afternoon walk, but none have shown up in my yard yet.

My sissy sent an e-mail also saying a Baltimore Oriole had shown up at her yard. I put some grape jelly out in an old orange Tupperware dish I found in the cupboard, but no orioles at my place yet either.

I would love to take tomorrow off work, because I think a lot of birds are going to show up in my yard and I'm going to miss them. The weatherman is also predicting rain for the weekend. I hope he's wrong so I will get at least a little time to go birding on Saturday morning.

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