Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Look Back for Today's Post

I started a post yesterday, and saved it as a draft. I finished it up this evening, but I learned that Blogger saves drafts from when you started them, so today's post actually appears before yesterday's and is entitled, "The Backyard Habitat." Just click on the link over in the right-hand column listing under 'Blog Archive.'

I have lots more to learn about Blogger features....


Body Soul Spirit said...

At the bottom of the box where you write a new post is a little arrow called "Post options"
Open that up and you can change the time and date of your post. If I am inspired I may write 2 or 3 posts at once, and I change the dates and post the drafts later.
BTW- Hamilton is about 40 miles SE of me. Our bluebirds are suffering habitat loss and are greatly outnumbered by house sparrows who have taken their nesting spots. :-(

RuthieJ said...

Thank you so much Ruth for the tip on posting. I keep watching for a community education class on blogging, but have never seen it, so I'm going to depend on other bloggers visiting me for help from time to time.
Our bluebirds in Minnesota are finally starting to make a comeback, but it's been an uphill battle for many years. It's really tough to get people to understand how important habitat and elimination of non-native species is for the eastern bluebird's recovery. House sparrows are tolerated in my yard, but woe to that sparrow who even attempts to set up housekeeping in a bluebird or martin abode.

Mary said...

I've seen one house sparrow visit three times in the past month. I don't have houses but I still startle them...they have plenty to do on the strip mall parking lots. One came for a drink in the pond the other day, but I was soft in heart and let him stay. I watched him nibble on a few sunflower seeds but I noticed this is a bird who likes to display himself on the top of the hopper...way above the rest.

Ruth is very knowledgeable with blogger. I am still learning but I will e-mail you soon about blogrolls and html. For me to learn meant playing around until I got it right! LOL!