Friday, May 11, 2007

Ready to Rummage

At the beginning of this year we decided that it was time to start getting rid of the "stuff" we've acquired over the preparation for Rick's retirement in November 2008 and the possibility of then moving to another house.

At the beginning of February, I started going through stuff and putting it in large boxes in the basement. Stewartville has their annual city-wide rummage sale on Mother's Day weekend, so that was the goal we were preparing for.

At the beginning of this week I started by getting my first table out and immediately filling it up with stuff. "Oh crap, now what do I do?" was my next thought. I scrounged up an old piece of plywood and flipped it over on a couple of 60 gallon garbage buckets. Next came the old broken plastic patio table.....who knows where the legs are, but it worked just fine sitting on a couple of TV trays.

My sister came over tonight with her stuff and another large table that was also quickly covered with merchandise.

"OK, Rick, you need to help me bring out the dining room table," I said. The cat and dogs are really wondering what's going and what do they do now with just chairs sitting around in the dining room.

We've been working at it today since 3 PM when I got home from work and I finally turned out the lights and came in the house around 9 PM. A good day's work finished.

Now we just have to make it through tomorrow. The garage door goes up at 7 AM and the sale is supposed to go till 3 PM. Fortunately the weather forecast is pretty good: partly sunny with highs in the mid-60's, an easterly wind of 10-15 mph (the house will shield us from most of that) and only a 20% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. We're keeping our fingers crossed! I remembered to stop at the credit union today and get some change, the deer burger is thawing for our lunch of sloppy joes I'll be making in the slow cooker, and there's still rhubarb cake and ice cream left from the other day. I think we're ready. Bring on the rummagers!


Mary said...

I hope the weather holds out for you! That's a lot of STUFF!

Thanks for stopping by and for giving your incredibly good advice. I very new at bird watching and feeding and I need all of the help I can get!

You have an Oriole? Sigh. Baltimore is my home town.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
The weather was perfect and a whole day spent outside with my sister who is also a bird lover. We were serenaded by finches (gold & house), robins, wrens, and orioles.

I've been reading Julie's blogs for months now and she is also the one who inspired me to start a blog.

It was a slow day at work yesterday and I spent several hours reading through your posts working chronologically forward from when you started last October. You are a great writer & photographer and I really enjoyed your stories and pictures....especially the adorable photos of Chloe, Bella and the irresistable Mr. Biggins! I'll try to get the picture of my blogging space sent off to you tomorrow.
Have a happy Mother's Day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff. We should probably have one of our own.