Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Hair Day

I went down to Stewartville for a haircut today. I was long overdue. I had initially made the appointment for yesterday and the salon called me at work to say my stylist was going to be gone and would it be OK to reschedule for today. "Yup, that's fine," I said, knowing that one day couldn't make it any worse.

I know my hair's too long when I have to start using the curling iron to style it. At 4:30 in the morning, messing around with my hair is the last thing I want to do. During the summer, the curl never holds in the hot/humid weather anyway.

I got my stylist to take these "Before" and "After" pictures.
Yikes--look at that double chin! Time to cut back on the rhubard cake and peanut butter cookies!

A couple years ago I switched to the short, spikey style. I really like this style. It's easy, fast and fun, plus when it's the short and messy style, gray hairs don't show as much!

Now that my hair is short again, you can see my little butterfly tattoo better.

After my haircut, I stopped off at the Stewartville Public Library to return my overdue books and pick up some new ones. I like Stewartville's overdue policy--they have a grace period of almost 10 days. I could go on-line to renew my books, but I usually never remember.

Now I only have to decide which book to start first!

Here's a picture of my blue Crocs. After hearing from so many people how comfortable they are, I decided to try a pair. I wanted to get pink ones, but they didn't have any in my size, so I went with this more conservative blue color. It's hard to believe that a plastic clog can be so comfortable, but they really are. The sole is so squishy it's almost like walking on a marshmallow. They're pretty dorky-looking, but I will sacrifice vanity for comfort any day of the week.


KGMom said...

Well, Crocs may look dorky, but here in central PA they are all the rage for the younger set!
I am just stopping by, after reading Mary's View on blogging spaces. Nice to "meet" you.

Mary said...

I wear my Crocs out now! I love them more than athletic shoes. Mine are off-white and even though I feel like they are close to bedroom slipper, I don't care!

I love your style. I like very short, too - kind of wind-blown all the time. I need to post of pic of me if I can ever find a photographer who is capable of hiding wrinkles.

Larry said...

Nice tatto and doo!-It looks like someone spiked you through the top of your shoes-are your feet o.k.?
actually my co-worker has those-She say they're comfortable.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant blue Crocs that's a statement and a what-a-doo at least you will never have a bad hair day. Do you really have a few gray hairs, wonder where they came from, is that hereditary?

RuthieJ said...

Hi Donna,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm not seeing many wearing Crocs in MN yet....but we're usually a little behind on some of the trends.

Hi Mary,
Even though your Crocs feel like bedroom slippers, at least you won't have to stencil "R" and "L" on them ;-)

Hi Larry,
I'm good to go from top to bottom now!

Yes, Mom, I do believe it's hereditary, I should be happy I inherited your hair genes and not Dad's! :-0

mon@rch said...

Very cool little butterfly tat and love your new style! Speaking of getting your hair cut, I need to get mine also!

RuthieJ said...

Hey Mon@arch, I hope you can get an in-house stylist, 'cuz it doesn't look like you'll be getting away from your computer for a while!!

Mary said...

R & L??? LOL! I smile every time I put my bedroom slippers on but at least I don't need to switch them... ;o)

Lynne said...

Cute hair! I tried on a pair of Crocs but didn't like the bumpy in-sole part. If I'd bought a pair, I'd have chosen that bright blue too.

D.C. said...

Holey Moley Ruthie, your hair hasn't been that short since the mid-80s! Take another half-inch off & you'll be close to my length. As for the double chin, I'm working on one that'll give yours a run for it's money and there's nothing I could give up eating that'll make much difference, I'm afraid.

RuthieJ said...

Geez, Dave, you're right. When I washed it myself and was drying it, I couldn't believe how short she cut it! Fortunately it will grow back pretty fast