Thursday, May 31, 2007

A & W Update

My first trip to the A & W this summer. We go to Spring Valley for our A & W treats. This A & W has been in business for over 50 years.

Rick used to take me there when we first started going out in high school....can it be over 30 years already??

The nice thing about A & W is that it never changes and they still have the best root beer. Papa Burger is still hanging out in the backyard like he was in the 70's.

This is my kinda' man!


Mary said...

Yea, Man!

Body Soul Spirit said...

I remember the A&W drive up restaurant where you angle parked and were served at your window. Your food tray was then hung on the window. Our A&W closed years ago.

RuthieJ said...

Our A&W still hangs your food tray on the car window. The only thing that's changed from when Mom & Dad took us when we were little is now you turn a light on to signal you're done with the tray instead of honking your horn. They still have the big, heavy glass root beer mugs. It's a popular place all summer long.

Lynne said...

Spring Valley? It might be worth a trip down there. I can't think of an A&W left up here in the Cities. I'd just LOVE a frosty mug!

RuthieJ said...

Oh man, Lynne, it's so good on a hot summer day! There used to be an A&W in Baldwin, WI (just north of I-94, if that's a little closer to you). They had awesome cheese curds there, too.

Larry said...

Ilove old-fashioned traditional stuff.-very cool! Norman Rockwell should be painting something.