Sunday, September 9, 2007

Finally Did It!

It was time to change the hummingbird nectar again tonight. The hummingbird activity has been amazing this last week. All the buzzing and chasing, I don't know how they get a chance to sip any nectar at all.

When I was taking the feeder down, they were buzzing all around me, so I decided tonight would be a good time to see if I could get pictures of them eating out of my hand. Here are the results:

Almost there.....

One foot on my thumb and trying to stretch one food down to the red dish

At last.....both feet perched on my thumb! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. What an amazing experience--thank you for letting me share it with you.

I love these little birds so much. Our northerly breeze today was a reminder that they're going to start migrating very soon and it always makes me so sad to see them go, knowing they won't be back till next May.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I'm so happy for you! Your photos gave me goosebumps!

entoto said...


I am all choked up! WOW! Zoey is very envious. What a way to end your summer. And thanks for bringing us along for the ride.

Ruth said...

That last picture is so lovely. You should frame it. I have never heard of any bird eating out of hand except for chickadees. Thanks for sharing.

Jayne said...

Oh, oh, oh!!!! What spectacularly wonderful shots Ruthie! I am so jealous! Thanks so much for getting and sharing these. You made me start my day with a huge grin. ;c)

Maud said...

Congratulations! Lovely pictures,too!

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures, Dad printed out a couple and showed them at staff devotions this morning. They couldn't believe you had them eating out of your hand. Thanks for the adventure.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lynne,
Thanks. It did give me goose bumps--especially when they buzzed so close around my head.

Hi Trixie,
It was so special...I didn't want this experience to end, but it finally got dark and the hummers went to bed.

Hi Ruth,
I have fed chickadees mealworms from my hand too & it's just as exciting (but so hard to sit still!)

Hi Jayne,
Glad I could provide a day brightener for you. I keep pulling people into my cubicle to show them the picture too.

Thanks Maud!

Hi Mom,
Glad you enjoyed the pictures and were able to print some off to share.

Mary said...


You know this really touches my heart! I love these little birds, too. I'm sad they'll be leaving...

Awesome photos! Did your spousal unit take them or did you manage to take these great pictures with one hand?

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary,
Glad you enjoyed it--have you tried holding your feeder yet or is it still too hot outside?

I took the pictures. I just kept the camera up to my eye and turned on. The hummers were so busy around there and I wanted to be ready as soon as one stopped for a sip. (My spousal unit doesn't have the patience to sit still and watch these little birds)

Susie said...

Hi Ruthie,
Thanks for stopping by to visit. We love the hummingbirds in our yard. They stay here year round :) I'm terribly behind on visiting, but I've bookmarked your site to come by and visit again!

Mary said...

Michael wouldn't have the patience, either.

It's still real hot but I'm changing nectar tonight. We'll, see...

Larry said...

Wow Ruth that's really Cool! It must have been a thrill for you! -and good job getting photos too.

Anonymous said...

Uber cooool!!!!


RuthieJ said...

Hi Susie,
Welcome back from your cruise! Year-round hummingbirds would be wonderful (although it gets to be a lot of work keeping those nectar feeders clean!)

Hi Larry,
It was a huge thrill. I managed to get the spousal unit out there and sitting still for a few minutes so he could experience it also.

Thanks're still seeing hummingbirds around Waterville, aren't you?

Deb said...

What an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we still have quite a few. It's hard to count them. I'm guessing we'll have less with this wind and cold today. They just might take off tonight. I also have about 60 or so goldfinches right now. That's a job trying to keep the thistle feeders full. A great job to have though. Again, great pics!

Anonymous said...

Ruthie: Isn't that the most amazing feeling? I love your photos...thanks for posting them. It's awesome when you can have the camera near for those special times. Congratulations.

KGMom said...

No fair no fair no fair--but you earned it--so fair fair fair.
You worked hard & you were rewarded!

Anonymous said...

I am soo excited for you and how amazing to have had a hummingbird land on your finger like that (yet alone take its picture doing so)! WOW!

Mary C said...

Wow! How exciting, Ruthie! Those are the greatest pix. What an exuberant feeling to have these beauties perched on your hand. Thanks so much for sharing.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Deb,
You're welcome. I was hoping everyone would enjoy seeing these pictures.

Hi Cindy,
I have quite a few goldfinches now too, but nowhere near 60....I hope you have a big thistle feeder and you'll get most of them to stay through the winter.

Hi Martie,
Thank you. I had a few practice runs before actually trying to take the photos. Fortunately, the hummingbirds turned out to be quite obliging and we all had a good time.

Hi Donna,
It's so hard to sit this still--especially when those little hummers are buzzing all around your head. Maybe next summer I'll figure out some way to make earrings that hold nectar, now wouldn't that be cool???

Hey Tom,
You could probably do this too with all those hummers you have right outside your window (that I saw on your movie a couple weeks ago).

Hi Mary C,
Thank you. Exuberant is the perfect word. After I took the pictures I just laughed out loud. I wish everyone could come over to my house and experience this for themselves because pictures just can't capture the feeling you get when those little hummingbird toes are grasping your finger or you can feel the breeze from their wings as they hover over your hand.

Unknown said...

How amazing! What a joy it must have been. Mon@rch sent me over here:))

RuthieJ said...

Hi Barbara,
Thanks for stopping by. It was amazing and I hope you will get a chance to try this yourself some day. I think hummingbirds are the bravest birds for their size.

Heidi said...

Wow, that is just totally amazing! That was so cool I just had to stop by and comment. MaryC (mom) emailed this post to me.

threecollie said...

That is absolutely the coolest thing I have ever seen! We have chickadees that will feed from our hand but hummingbirds!! Wow!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto what threecollie said. What a wonderful thing to see.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Red,
I've been reading your views of the Eastern vacation with your mom, but haven't had a chance to comment yet. Thanks for stopping by to see my hummingbird.

Hi ThreeCollie,
Thanks for visiting from Tom's blog. I think this winter I'm going to work a little harder on getting chickadees and nuthatches to eat from my hand--this "hand birdfeeding" thing is kind of addictive!

Hi Lorinda,
Thanks for stopping by...I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.

Q said...

Wow! I came from Mary's View.
What a joyful experience. I have often thought the Hummers would come to my hand if I had some sweet nectar for them. I just might try this. How very wonderful.
Thank you.

JeanMac said...

Most incredible pictures. You should enter them in a photo contest. I love his sitting on your thumb - the ultimate trust.

Unknown said...

I also came from Mary's View. Wow how wonderful and awesome that was for you. Imagine what next year will be like.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Sherry, Jean and Toni,
Thanks for stopping by my blog from over at Mary's View. I can't wait for Mary to post similar pictures of her hummingbirds sitting on her finger. This is a fun project because I think anyone who has hummingbirds visiting their nectar feeders and a little patience to sit still for a few minutes can accomplish the hand-feeding.
I also want to say this is not my original idea--I saw it in Birds & Blooms a few years ago.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...


Thanks for pointing this out to me. You must be very patient!

Robin at Bumblebee