Saturday, September 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary To Us

Today is our 28th wedding anniversary. Where has the time gone?

It seems like only a couple years ago and it's funny how so many of the details of that day are clear in my memory, especially when I can't seem to remember some of the stuff I did last week (short-term is the first to go, right?)

It's always fun to look back at these pictures and see how much everyone has changed.

I had a hard time finding the wedding photo album and finally was able to locate it in the bottom of a box in our "storm shelter" room under the stairs. We haven't used this room recently, so I was surprised to find that things were quite damp in this room and the photo album (in addition to some other items) was kind of musty smelling and the back cover of the album was covered with mold. (Looks like I have another item to add to my "To Do" list for when I'm on vacation the week after next.)

We both had to work today because of the EOQ demands, so we're just going out to supper tonight at the Macaroni Grill (not sure if this restaurant is a nationwide or just Minnesota chain, but it's been quite good on previous visits).


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to you Ruth & Rick [spousal unit] on your 28th anniversary. The weather is as nice as it was 28 yrs ago, breezy and warm and lots of sunshine. I even got out my book of pictures of that special day, I think we all look pretty much the same, a little older maybe, and a little thinner. Have a wonderful supper out tonite, see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary for sure! Congrats!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! I love seeing people's wedding pictures. You both look so happy and hopeful. I've never been to the Macaroni Grill but I've heard it's very good.

Anonymous said...

A little off the subject, we still have hummingbirds, as I was putting clean bedding in the cat houses, there they were in the geraniums, it has become their favorite places since I had to take my feeders down. I think they are stokeing up for that long trip.

Mary said...

To Ruthie & Spousal Unit:

Happy Anniversary! 28 years is commendable :o)

Enjoy Macaroni Grill (I love it).

Cathy said...

Happy Anniversary,Ruthie! So young and sweet - smiling into the future.

Susie said...

Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful wedding photo :)
Enjoy your evening out!

entoto said...

Happy Anniversary! May the next 28 years treat you as well.

Jayne said...

WOW... 28 years! What an accomplishment Ruthie. And, what a sweet photo too. Hope the dinner was wonderful. We have a Macaroni Grill here too... enjoy the table Chianti most of all!

Ruth said...

Happy Anniversary! We have 4 years on you. Got to love those 70's styles! You look so demure and sweet! Were you a tatooed biker gal then? or did you find yourself later. ;-)

KGMom said...

Happy anniversary. 28 years? Oh my, you are youngsters. My husband and I are coming up on 40 years in a couple of months!
Happy day, anyway.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for all the kind words and good wishes. We were pretty young: 20 and 21. Who knew what an adventure it was going to turn out to be! There were times I figured we wouldn't even make it to 10 years, but I think we've finally got everything pretty much figured out, so (God willing) we may even be ready for 40 and 50 when they come along!

Ruth, I didn't get my first tattoo till 1981 and it almost caused a divorce! By the time I got my 7th one last year Rick was like, "OK, whatever." (I guess he figured out he can't change me!)
I didn't learn to ride a motorcycle till 4 years ago (so tattooed biker woman truly waited till middle age to emerge!)

Mary C said...

Hi Ruthie - a belated congrats to you and your husband. Hope you both enjoyed your dinner out.

Larry said...

Great photo!-I'm a litttle late, but Happy Anniversary.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Mary C & Larry,
Thanks for you wishes. Don't worry...I'm really behind this week too.

BTW - the dinner at Macaroni Grill was excellent. I really like that place!

Maud said...

Congratulations! 28 years, that's something to admire! We have "only" been married for 18 yeras.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

OMG, I am just reading through your past posts and missed this--apparently during my too-much-travel period.

My son is watching over my shoulder and is amazed at how much we share in our interests--except I send my 10 lb dogs after deer rather than taking a gun to them myself.

I can match your wedding photos picture for picture, I bet. Congratulations to you and spousal unit!

--Robin (Bumblebee)