Thursday, March 20, 2008

I hope the weather guys are wrong this time....

I really like purple, but not on this map!

(too bad this isn't some sort of bad April Fool's joke)


Richard said...

I'm in the purple too. Unlike you, we can use the extra moisture since we have had like snow this winter.

Stay turned for NEW Just have to identify them first.

Richard said...

There I go again posting before I read...should have read "little" instead of "like".

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it won't be too bad. After all, it's the first day of Spring.

P.S. Finally stopped procrastinating and posted my Six Word Memoir today. Many thanks for the opportunity.

entoto said...

Oh Ruthie!

I sure hope he is wrong, too. I just left super saturated Ohio. I think it is time to truly be spring.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

We never make it through March without at least one good dumping of snow, but it's so discouraging. I hope it's not as bad as it sounds. :(

Cathy said...

Youre a hoot! A NIMBY, eh? Not In My Back Yard! Batten down the hatches. We're supposed to get at least 6" here in Toledo.

RuthieJ said...

Hi Richard,
I'm surprised when I see pictures from your place and Marsha's that most of your snow melted much earlier than ours did. Even though it sounds like we're going to get lots of snow, the seasonable temps forecast for next week should guarantee that it will melt pretty quick.

Hi April,
Today was a lovely first day of spring, so I'll remember today as I'm watching it snow tomorrow.
Thanks for playing the memoir game....I'll be over shortly to see what you came up with.

Hi Trixie,
It sounds like you had a good time in Ohio despite the crappy weather. I will allow winter to hang on till April 1st, but it better give way to spring after that!

Hi Lynne,
You're right about March--isn't it one of our snowiest months anyway?
I hope it won't be too bad either.

Oh Cathy, you'll be in the same predicament as we will be, but you guys probably don't need too much extra moisture right now, do you?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This weather map matches your new boots with the purple and white dots, I mean clouds.

That band of snow looks like it will hit where my Grands live in WI. Booo

Mary said...

Oh, please. Make it STOP! First day of Spring and your getting covered again. I don't ever remember a snow storm after March 15 in my life.

Droughts or snowstorms? I hate both.

Keep us posted, Ruthie :o)

Anonymous said...

Ugg, March's Snow Showers brings April's Rain! Aprils Showers brings May's Flowers! I keep on thinking that!

Anonymous said...

Well so much for the 4-8 in of snow I'm glad it didn't materialize. Enuf is enuf already. Looking forward to the 40's next week.

Deb said...

Luckily I was on the good side of the "predicted snow" band for once; we just got very light flurries.

I just want it to warm up!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Lisa, I noticed that purple on the weather map was almost the same as my boots too!
I didn't hear how much snow Wisconsin got, but hopefully it was less than predicted.

Hi Mary,
You'll see by tonite's post that the storm wasn't as bad as predicted--at least we get a little more moisture for the ground.

Hi Mon@rch,
Yes, there's always a bright side and so many people are having much worse weather-related problems to deal with right now, so I'm not going to complain about what we've got here.

Hi Mom,
You and me both!

Hi Deb,
I was listening to KOOL108 this morning and it sounded like the southern metro was getting all the snow and northern metro and beyond missed most of it.
I am so ready for warmer weather also--it will be nice to go back to just wearing 1 layer of clothing again!