Monday, March 17, 2008

My Blogging Support Team

As I sit at my computer getting ready to post here's what I see on either side of my chair.......

Sophie on my left

Daisy on my right

I love my doggies and they return their devotion to me with constant monitoring of my movements. There aren't many places in the house that I can't go and they don't follow me.

Only one more spring bird arrival in my backyard to report: the Red-Winged Blackbird. We got a light dusting of snow today but it's all melted now. Once our robins arrive, they usually get snowed on 3 times before spring really takes hold. Only two more snows to go......


Anonymous said...

Hey honey baby! Have you heard about this??

Knitting for a cause. Cool.

Anonymous said...

Oh... I see you read Hedgewitch... you already knew about it, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday we had to take Ethan's blanket to Greatgrandpa O's house and we heard a red-winged blackbird, I know what is going to be our pine trees soon.

Robin (Bumblebee) said...

Love those doggies! Good grief. How can someone live without a good dog?

We have been redwing blackbird blessed this winter. I have counted up to 300 at a time in our back yard and at the feeders. In previous years, I only saw one or two--stragglers. When they arrive, it's like confetti falling from the sky.

Robin at Bumblebee

Haven't forgotten about the meme. Just getting all the other loose ends tied up while I look for that Jamaica photo. I probably won't post it, but I still want to find it. Maybe I can Photoshop it so I look like a movie star?

Anonymous said...

Great to hear about your support team (they are cutties BTW:) and your return of a few birds!

Cathy said...

Daisy and Sophie - your loyal bookends:0)

They are sooo sweet. I just don't know how long my hubby and I can remain dog-less.

( Their escorting you 'everywhere' reminded me of Mary's post about not being able to visit the powder room without company:0)

KGMom said...

Nothing nothing at all like dog buddies to keep you company!

Meggie said...

My kitties love to stand right in front of the computer screen when I'm blogging. Go figure! It's as if they know where they should NOT stand but do it anyway to get attention. They sure are smart!

Anonymous said...

Your post brings to mind an old song (I believe by Stealers Wheel)...Clown's to the left of me, Joker's to the right, here I am...stuck in the middle with you.....

Your sissy

Mary said...

They look so content... I have two right by my side also when I'm on the computer at home. Only they both want to sit on my lap :o) "Off! Off!"

Your snow needs to STOP.

RuthieJ said...

Thanks Jenn, I didn't know about it till your comment and then I checked out Hedgewitch's site too. Good much knitting and so little time (sigh)

Hi Mom,
I had a bunch of grackles in the yard later yesterday afternoon--I think they were checking out my big white pines too!

Hi Robin,
The only bad thing about dogs this time of year is all those muddy paws to wipe off!
Wonder what's up with all those RW Blackbirds? Have you heard if their numbers are increasing?
Hope you can do something fun with that Jamaica pic....Photoshop does some pretty cool things!

Thanks Mon@rch. The dogs like to try and sneak up on the doves and grackles in the yard.

Hi Cathy,
My husband says we probably won't get anymore dogs after these ones are gone either, but we'll have to wait and see.
LOL--mine aren't quite as bad as Mary's, but I have to make sure the door's latched securely because they can push into almost anywhere with those big noses!

Hi Donna,
They don't say much, but it's nice to have them within petting distance.

Hi Meggie,
Right now Kitty is laying on the kitchen counter right across from me (my computer desk is too cluttered for her to be up there or I'm sure she would be)

Hello Sissy,
Well, Sophie is definitely the clown! (I haven't heard that song for a while.....)

Hi Mary,
Sophie thinks she's a lap dog too! And if I'm on the couch, they prefer if I sit in the middle so they can sit right next to me on either side (who trained who here??)
Snow is done for now.....maybe some 40's and partly sunny for tomorrow :-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What wonderful companions you have Ruthie. You all make a good pack. I would be lonesome without my dog. She makes sure I am never lonely.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos of your devoted companions - they have such beautiful coats. Wow, "two more snows to go" - hope they're just dustings.